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PassRight Provides Qualified Talented Engineers Full Financing to Come Work in the US

The Opportunity:

  • During 2019, PassRight is going to finance top talent foreign engineers
  • Target profile: senior-level full stack software engineers
  • The cost to finance: $6,000 per engineer
  • Successful placement payout: $15,000 per engineer
  • Target location: San Francisco Bay Area

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Investment terms:

  • Minimum investment: $6,000


  • Expected Payout: 6 Months from investment date.

ROI on Investment:

For each $6,000 you invest you’ll get $7,800.
We expect to deliver 30% profit return.
But the more applicants we process, the expenses become smaller and your profits can get even bigger.
Like any other investment, we cannot guarantee anything. Our “guarantees” are our 800+ happy customers, close to 0 failed cases, and the hundreds of positive reviews we had (check out our homepage for testimonies by real clients).


How We Make Money

Business Model:

One-time compensation from the company as a placement fee for $15,000.

Breakdown of Visa Cost

  • Legal fees $4,200.
  • Government fees: $1,800 (Filing fees + premium processing).



Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 1.4 million positions will be open in computing with only 400,000 computer science grads. An estimated 1 million technology jobs will go unfilled by 2020. There are 10,238 open mid and senior level software engineering roles in the Bay Area as of 15th November 2018.

The current economy is booming for engineers. The average salary for a Senior Software Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area is $140,000 annually. Talented and qualified engineers from around the world are eager to join the Silicon Valley workforce.

Problem 1:  Engineers don’t want to pay for their own visa and miss out interview opportunities since they don’t have an existing visa

Problem 2: Companies want talent that is eligible to work in the US. Companies prefer to pay expensive fees to headhunters instead of figuring out “the visa headache”.

Use Case:  

Meet Gary. Gary is a senior software engineer who lives and works in the UK. He studied computer science at Manchester University, one of the leading universities in the UK and has vast experience working at Amazon and Microsoft. Gary has been wanting to come to the USA for a few years but he is blocked by the visa. A lot of companies want to hire him but drop off when they become aware that he isn’t eligible to work in the US yet.  

PassRight sourced Gary directly from Linkedin and helped him get an interview with Gusto, one of PassRight’s recruiting partners. Gusto is a popular Bay Area tech company that recently raised $140 million in Series C financing and is looking to hire 120 engineers during 2019. PassRight evaluated Gary’s profile using our proprietary O-1 visa software and helped Gary get pre-qualified for the visa.

As expected, Gary excelled in his interview with Gusto and got an offer of employment. PassRight worked with Gusto and our captive law firm to process his application and Gary will be here working with Gusto soon.

This is a win-win situation for everyone as Gary did not have to spend anything for his work visa while Gusto was happy to interview him once they knew PassRight had pre-screened him for an O-1 visa.

What is PassRight?

PassRight is a technology company that provides a proprietary software to screen, qualify, and process the O-1 talent visa. The O-1 is a visa for people with extraordinary ability and PassRight helps law firms and applicants manage their O-1 applications with ease and at a 100% success rate.

In just 12 months, PassRight has helped hundreds of applicants successfully get their work visas and has also helped companies get access to great talent.

Why PassRight is the Ideal Solution:

  • PassRight has created an automated O-1 visa screening system that has already processed thousands of O-1 engineering candidates and has proven to have the ability to filter top O-1 candidates
  • PassRight is currently the only company that has an O-1 visa software.
  • PassRight’s law firm owned by Denise McGettrick Esq is an immigration law firm that specializes in O-1 Visa and has already onboard hundreds of O-1 cases with a 100% success rate
  • PassRight is already partnered with large enterprises from Silicon Valley that are currently hiring in large numbers.

Why is the O-1 Better For You Than the H-1B?

There are only two legal visas which engineers qualify for today. H-1B visa and O-1 visa.

  • Qualified O-1 talent meets the US government’s highest criteria for extraordinary abilities including awards, industry recognition, and top leadership roles at previous organizations.
  • O-1 Visas do not rely on a lottery system. The employee you hire gets a visa for three years and can start working for your company right away, the visa is easily extended for as long as required later on.
  • The O-1 has a shorter approval time than standard H-1B (as short as 15 business days).
  • Unlike H-1B, U.S. Government supports qualified O-1 immigrants.

How We Source for Engineers:

Step 1:
Look at our existing database of engineers that have already signed up with PassRight.

Step 2:
Sourcing engineers from leading universities, top programs or with a background at a large enterprise.

How We Deal With Sponsorship

In order to obtain an O-1 visa, an employer or an employment agency has to sponsor the candidate. PassRight already works with an external agency that is legally eligible to sponsor the engineers we’re after.

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