L-1 Visa allows overseas multinational companies to transfer their executives and managers including business owners to open/manage a new or existing US business. The employees who are transferred to the U.S. branch either work in a managerial or in an executive capacity. If the US immigration process is taking place in a company in LA, we suggest that the companies consult an immigration lawyer in LA or immigration law firm in LA.

L-1 Visa Application and Hiring an Immigration lawyer in LA

PassRight can assist as an immigration law firm in LA with your L-1 Visa process through our qualified immigration lawyer in LA.

The first part is the Company back home:

– we will need to submit a description and evidence confirming that the company back home is real and operating and can support financially new US venture; This company has to have a few employees on its payroll.

The 2nd part if the US business:

– we will need to provide evidence confirming that the new US company has been opened and started operations, or is going to start soon; It will be also required to submit the business plan for the new company.

The 3rd part is the Applicant:

– we will need to prove that applicant possesses required experience to manage the new US company and was employed by the company from the home country for at least 1 year in the last 3 years.

It is important to mention that you can come to the US on your B-1/B-2 Visa and later change the status to L-1A; however, it will not be a visa, it will be just confirmation that your status in the U.S has been changed. In order to get a visa in your passport, you will need to attend an interview at the US embassy in your home country.

Hire an immigration lawyer in LA for L-1 Visa

J-1 Visa and Application

J-1 is a visa which allows people to come to the US as a trainee or intern of a company, for a period of 12 or 18 months. There are different types of trainings available. The most important aspect of obtaining a J-1 Visa is to have or find the company that will be willing to petition your J-1 visa.

The J-1 process will take around 3 months and will be processed through a J-1 agency.

  1. Application preparation and making sure that the applicant and company qualify for the program – this will include the match of the company profile and position, applicant’s experience and education, training plan adjusted to the type of training.
  2. Once documents are ready, they will be sent to the J-1 agency for review.
  3. Once the agency confirms that the applicant and the company qualify for the program, skype interview will be scheduled. We will train you how to answer the questions of the J-1 agency.
  4. Agreements will be signed between the applicant and the company.
  5. A J-1 agency will issue DS2019 and we will be able to schedule an interview at US embassy in your home country.

J-1 Visa is a trainee/intern exchange Visa Type

Remember:  J-1 visa is a trainee/intern visa. After the training, you should come back to your home country where you will be able to use the knowledge learned during the training.

We recommend all the prospective candidates applying for a J-1 Visa, to consult an immigration lawyer in LA or an immigration law firm in LA if they are moving to Los Angeles. This does not guarantee your desired visa type but the professionals in the business can increase your chances of obtaining the visa and make your application stronger.