Case Review

A Second Look to Help Strengthen Your Petition

Do you feel uncertain about the likelihood of your O-1, EB-1A or EB-2 NIW petition succeeding? Do you want a second opinion – from our attorneys – before moving forward with your petition? Or, did you perhaps receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) or denial and need some guidance on how to improve your petition? We can help!

Take advantage of our attorneys and increase your chances for approval!

The PassRight team is eager for you to succeed and our attorneys will gladly help you through the process, even if your petition was originally prepared by another law firm.

With this service, you will receive:

  • a thorough review of your immigration petition, or response to your Request for Evidence (RFE),
  • suggestions and feedback on anything insufficient or needing improvement,
  • direct and honest evaluation of the strength of your case,
  • guidance through suggested modifications and improvements.

Every little detail counts

Even small things can be crucial. Here is a sample of the feedback you will get from us.

We recommend adjusting the order in which your evidence is presented. For example, prioritizing the "Essential Capacity" criterion and putting it at the beginning makes your case much stronger.

We feel the Membership component is too weak. We recommend adding additional evidence explaining that organization X is distinguished.

Your Letters of Recommendation are of poor quality. They should be much more detailed to support your petition. We will share our suggested edits.


Your resume indicates that you worked at XYZ Inc., and our team feels that this is strong evidence which should be included in your Essential Capacity criteria.

We noticed inconsistency in your work employment history. Your LinkedIn profile shows that you are employed by your start-up, however, your resume says that you were employed at your H1B company at the same time. Double check the exact dates of employment in both organizations so that your LinkedIn and resume reflect the correct dates of employment.

Expected timeline: 2-5 business days

Price: $1800.00

Need a second opinion from our attorney before moving forward with your petition? We can help you!

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