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Every month the USCIS, in coordination with the Department of State, issues the Visa Bulletin. It indicates which green card applications can move forward based on when the petition was filed. It lets you estimate how long it will take to get your green card. Once your petition has been filed, you’ll be able to […]

Sometimes, two or more companies may go through a merger or acquisition process, which can benefit various parties involved, including employees. However, these corporate mergers and acquisitions can also lead to complications for immigrant employees or issues related to immigration law in the workplace.  Immigration-related matters, such as corporate transactions, are often not considered sufficiently […]

The short answer is yes! It is well-known that Indian-born foreign nationals face one of the most extended wait times to get a green card or permanent residency status in the U.S.  This is due to many factors, including the limited number of employment-based visas available each fiscal year. In fact, there are only 140,000 […]

The EB-1 Visa for tech workers has been a hot topic lately, especially with the recent wave of layoffs impacting many people from India and China in 2023. This visa allows tech workers to apply to become permanent U.S. citizens by self-petitioning without an employer’s sponsorship, but processing times can be lengthy. To understand the […]

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