The best immigration attorney can never be in an office full of immigration attorneys & Paralegals. Those big offices will never work as good as a solo immigration lawyer. That lawyer will have time to focus on the customer and will be more straightforward about the odds of success. A sole practitioner immigration attorney cares more about his or her customers. They have direct contact and the ability to have feelings towards a customer. Those feelings go a long way with the creative energy when writing a case. An immigration attorney from a big law firm does not even know the customer.

When you hire an immigration attorney from a big law firm you are a number. The only way for him to know you have a deadline is because a software would remind him. That’s a good way to be a number on someone’s computer with unorganized deadlines and low quality of work without the ability to double check, sleep on or have another best immigration attorney with a fresh pair of eyes to look at the product.

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A Solo Immigration Attorney is 100%  Safer

Yes, it is known that best lawyer is a sole practitioner or in other words works alone. An immigration attorney who is that best will write the case alone and submit it. The best immigration attorney won’t take cases while he or she is busy and are in a rush. That is a classic mistake that is done at big immigration law firms.  The best immigration attorney would take the time to really get to know you and to really understand and hear your life story and list of evidence.

I have seen how multiple, so-called best immigration lawyers mess up simple or complicated cases. The problem on the web today is that we are all recommending the same immigration attorneys that we know from Facebook or from a faraway friend. Today, the best immigration attorney will be the person an actually writes the case, invest time with you the client to get all the necessary information and properly. Most of all, it is most important to hire an immigration attorney that have built dozens of these case during the past 12 months.

Whether you are looking to extend your B-1 tourist visa, apply for a green card or green card renewal, or try your hand at a visa for entrepreneurs coming to the US, the lawyers that will provide you with the best service are those who concentrate fully on their clients’ needs and have a deep understanding of the immigration process. It has been my experience that those attorneys who work alone are able to focus on these goals more than those who work at large firms.

My tip for you is that the very best immigration attorney in the US will be honest and if they really believe in your case and will be very available whenever you call. Beware of false recommendation for “the best lawyer” because when someone usually says about someone that they are the best, it can be a trap.

A personal service given by a sole practitioner is always better and goes way further. Please think about that when you make a hire. To know more important factors about how to choose an immigration lawyer, please go to this article

This post is not a legal advice.