The first step in planning your trip to the United States or extending your stay in the country is to apply for a visa. It is suggested that nonimmigrants who wish to migrate or travel to the US, should plan their trip and determine if they are eligible for the type of visa they are applying, whether it is a Green Card or a nonimmigrant visa. If the applicant is in Los Angeles, the applicant should consult the best application lawyer in LA to understand how to apply for a green card since green card application is one of the most tactful type of a visa process. Often times, submission of applications is divided into a series and petitioners submit applications to USCIS and US Department of State which is responsible for managing embassies and consulates across the world.

Filing for Green card application

Green Card Application and Advantages

Immigration gives Green card holders several advantages over other visa holders, for example, Green card holders have the freedom to work and stay in the US and travel across the world with very fewer restrictions. Although, before applying for green card application, the petitioner should keep in mind that they do not exhibit the right to vote and violation of laws stated by the government can result in deportation of applicants. Family members of the U.S. citizens comprise of the largest green card issued population. The other majority of green cards are issued to employees with extraordinary ability or for professional workers and investors that are petitioned by employees. Other green card applications that are filed include categories related to a humanitarian background, for example, refugees and people who are looking to relieve themselves from religious and political oppression.

Hiring the best application lawyer in LA

Immigration Laws and Hiring The Best Application Lawyer

As a nonimmigrant or a green card petitioner, if you are interested in reading about the U.S. Immigration laws, they can be found in the title 8 of the U.S. Code or in the Immigration and Nationality Act. There are several laws listed in the Code of Federal Regulations, which the best immigration attorney USA refers to.  Although it is a difficult task for even the best application lawyer in LA  to research and implement the U.S immigration laws, as they are considered very elaborate, detailed and sometimes misunderstood amongst all the U.S. laws. In case, you are interested in increasing your knowledge about some sections of the immigration law, you should try reading those sections by yourself or you can seek professional help from various options like the best application lawyer in LA or immigration law firm Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, the best means to get professional help for all your immigration queries and needs is to hire the best application lawyer in LA. A petitioner can also look into the book named U.S. Immigration Made Easy, whose author is Attorney Ilona Bray (Nolo). This is an informative guide on how to obtain different types of visas, ranging from O-1 Visa for entrepreneurs and artists, B-1/B-2 travel and business visas, H-1 B visa for professional workers, L-1 Visa for transferred managers and executives, to name a few.