B-1 and B-2 Visa Extension

B-1 and B-2 Visas are the basic visa types for visitors who wish to visit the U.S. for pleasure or business purposes. The initial maximal period or each visit is up to 6 months, but this period can be extended for up to an additional 6 months. This process has to be taken care of prior to the expiration of your current status.

This questionnaire will help us to evaluate your chances for the B1/B2 visa extension.

Why Extend Your B-1 and B-2 Visa With Us?

We focus on the personal statement, in which you explain the reason of your B-1/B-2 visa extension or change of status. We do visa extensions with care.

If you’re in the United States on a temporary non-immigrant visa and wish to extend you stay, be it for leisure, tourism, medical treatment or business purposes, let us help you. The extension can be issued for a maximum period of another 6 months. We have a lot of experience in completing the paperwork and we are familiar with all the required forms. We focus on your personal statement, in which you explain the reason for your request to extend your B-1 / B-2 visa or the change of the status. We pay attention to details and prepare visa extensions with care.

B1/B2 visa extension

What is a B-1/B-2 Visa extension?

The process is usually given for 6 months. The extension can be made up to 1 day before the visa expires as long as you send the USCIS a Fedex package and make sure you save the receipt with the tracking number and date. If the extension is submitted before the due date, the person who does the B-2 visa extension is safe and is not overstaying his or her tourist visa.

What you need to know about the B-1/B-2 visa extension

The most crucial part of the work when submitting the B-2 visa extension is to prove that you have been a tourist in the United States for the past few months while on the visa.  To obtain evidence for B-2 visa extension, you have to find the documents connected with your traveling. The statement must describe what you did in detail, including where you slept – hotels, hostels or Airbnb receipts or confirmations-as well as car rental receipts, bus or plane tickets, or any other related information.

B-1 Visa

Period of stay on this visa in the United States is 1-6 months, 6 months is the maximum. The extension period is up to 6 months; maximum total amount of time permitted in B-1 status on any one trip is generally 1 year.

If you wish to stay beyond the time indicated on the I-94 Form, you must file a Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status along with the relevant supporting documents, to USCIS.

B-2 Visa

Period of stay is the same as in case of B-1 visa – 6 months is the maximum. If you wish to extend your stay (for up to 6 months), without departing from the United States, you are required to submit a Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status along with the relevant supporting documents.

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