Looking for a U.S. immigration lawyer in Los Angeles? Before seeking the best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, it would be wise to first state all the basics you need to know about B-1/B-2 Visa status.

The first Visa status (B-1) concerns all foreign visitors who come to the U.S for business purposes and fall under the non-immigrant category. In most cases, the period of validity of this Visa status is short-term and involves doing business representing an employer who lives and is based in another country.

B-1 Visa Duration of Stay and Application Process

The period of validity (or duration of stay) for the B-1 visa applicant is determined by the immigration officer starting from the moment the B-1 visa receiver enters the U.S. The period of validity can last anywhere from one week to 6 months. Most of the applications accepted are for a duration of 6 months or less and the candidate can extend their duration of stay in rare occasions, after providing sufficient proof and documentation that its stay is necessary for more than 6 months. Furthermore, holders of B-1 Visa are not allowed to be involved and employed through any U.S. based employment source. Those who have already obtained a B-1 Visa status can change or upgrade it to other visa statuses like for example, H1, J1, or B-2.

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In short, the B-1 visa status is ideal for you if:

-You are assigned by your employer to visit the U.S for a short business trip/purpose

-You plan to stay for a period of up to 6 months

-You can provide proof that all your expenses will be covered featuring your accommodation, transportation, and living expenses during your stay in the U.S.

-You are not a media, film, or radio representative

-You are not visiting the U.S to permanently work and be in service of a U.S employer.

B-2 Visa status Duration of Stay and Application Process

The B-2 Visa status is granted to foreign petitioners who wish to extend their stay in the U.S for leisure purposes/holiday or business purposes and not for permanent immigration status. The period of stay granted is for another 6 months for B-2 Visa extension and the applicant is required to submit Form I-539, which is referred to as the Application to Extend/Change Non-Immigration Status along with relevant documents.

“Pleasure” here is defined as any legit actions and activities of leisure or entertainment like tourism, visits to concerts, visits to friends or relatives, medical trips or any other recreational activity.

The vast majority of people applying for the B-2 status will stay for a period of a few weeks to up to 6 months. The candidate can also apply for the extension of the period of stay in the U.S. Those who apply for a B-2 visa status should submit an application at the local American Embassy in their country of residence. The applicant must submit the following with their application.

Learn how to do B-2 visa extension

-A filled DS-156 form (non-immigrant) visa status along with a letter from a U.S friend or relative that funds the alien to come into U.S

-A supplemental DS-157 form.

-A passport eligible for traveling in the U.S and with an expiry period no less than 6 months.

-2 identical color photos showing the full face of the candidate in frontal view clearly in visa approved dimensions.

-Possible information describing the business/company in case of business travel e.g brochures, etc.

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