The U.S. immigration system can be overwhelming. We understand that you might feel swamped by the different types of visas available, unclear requirements, and loads of paperwork. This is where PassRight comes in. 

We introduced the simple 5-step process to improve the traditional immigration experience and give you the peace of mind that you are in good hands. This timeline for each stage depends on a timely submission of supporting evidence and cooperation from your side.

steps of getting O-1 Visa

Step 1. Eligibility evaluation 

● We will review all information and evidence in record and determine how strong is your profile and what documents will be required. 

● You will receive examples of letters and forms so you can better understand the paperwork stage. 

● Based on your evidence, we will prepare an exhibit list for your O-1 petition which will set a framework for your successful application. 

● During the kickoff call we will discuss the strategy and timelines for your application. 

● After this step you will decide whether you want to proceed with your O-1 petition.

Timeline: 1 month

Step 2. Evidence collection 

● We will ask you to upload all evidence following the exhibit list. 

● We may also request for a detailed description of your specific achievements and confirm the final list of folks who will sign your letter. 

● We will provide you with a list of organizations and events which could highly boost your chances for the approval. Think about it as an accelerator for the U.S. visa. 

● While we are confident in our ability to tell your story, you must provide the documents to substantiate that narrative. We will proceed to the next stage only after we agree that all evidence for your application has been uploaded. 

Timeline: 2 weeks – 4 months

Step 3. Letters for signature 

● PassRight will draft all required letters, including detailed expert opinions and share it with you in one batch. 

● The drafts will be ready for signature by the right person. Please mind that we will not be able to redraft the letters if you decide to change the signatory. 

Timeline: 2 weeks

Step 4. Signature collection 

● All the letters will need to be signed by the selected individuals. 

● The letters should be signed either digitally or in ink and uploaded to a data room.

● We will review if the letters have been signed correctly and whether all required documents are in place within 2 days from your email. 

● We will proceed to the next stage only after all documents are signed.

Timeline: 2 weeks

Step 5. Final petition 

● Based on evidence in record, PassRight will prepare a detailed well-written petition brief that illustrates your extraordinary ability. 

● We will share USCIS forms for signature of your petitioner. We will ask you to mail signed forms and checks for filing fees to our office. 

● Your final case will be reviewed by the U. S. immigration attorney. 

● We will share the final petition file for your review and approval. 

● After your confirmation we will submit your case to the USCIS. 

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

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What is next? 

Now the countdown begins! After the USCIS receives the application, they will adjudicate your case within 15 calendar days (if you selected premium processing) or in 3-8 months in standard processing. You can track the status of your immigration case with the online tracker tool.

How PassRight can help?

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PassRight is committed to providing our clients with safe, affordable, and comprehensive immigration services. 

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