It’s expected that Post-COVID-19, businesses will be forced to make drastic changes to the way they work and function. Experts predict that there will be a huge shift towards outsourcing work to remote workers across the globe. Hence, in turn, erasing geographical borders as they adapt to virtual workplaces.

Studies show that remote work is the future of workplaces and virtual reality conferencing will become the preferred form of communication – even over face-to-face meetings. This is already happening today.

Relocation to the Eco-Villages

With businesses and industries closed and the rates of unemployment soaring, maintaining and retaining an office space isn’t just expensive but it is less necessary. The new economy is forcing companies to look for more affordable solutions like outsourcing to cheaper locations.


In fact, according, to the EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of EU nations like the Netherlands, outsourcing is going to become more relevant after the lockdowns are lifted, as sustaining businesses through the local workforce in the western world may not be feasible to many companies.

On the bright side, the cost of running an organization no longer has to be high; there are lots of options for companies wanting to cut costs. Post COVID-19, most companies will already have the required infrastructure and floor decreasing as renting an office space in major hubs or city centers will no longer be a necessity.

It has now become extremely necessary that instead of resisting change, organizations should improve their remote work policies and capabilities by either shifting their offices to less crowded places or better yet to remote paradise locations–to get away from the hectic and stressful life in the city where maintaining a work-life balance becomes impossible and work burnout is common. Which is why moving to serene and peaceful places with the facilities you can find in cities, like high speed optic fibre internet and well designed eco-friendly office  spaces that cater to the needs of remote workers in remote locations.


Eco-villages to Cater to the Needs of Remote Workers

As the pandemic took a toll on the global tourism industry, countries with fragile economies, dependent on tourism needed to look for ways to sustain their economies, it was for this reason many countries across Latin America and Eastern Europe began issuing visas for remote workers.

Over the past several months countries as well as entrepreneurs worldwide have been working on develop eco-living and working spaces as we swiftly shift towards the dawn of remote working spaces in Paradise locations like Santa Teresa (Costa Rica); Bridge Town (Barbados); Vientiane (Laos); Da Nang(Vietnam); Pai (Thailand); and Jogja Digital Valley (Indonesia).

Yoko Village – one of the most beautiful places to relocate

One such example is the Yoko Village. Located in Santa Teresa, The Yoko Village luxury workspaces, and have all the basic amenities required by companies large and small to set up and run their business. It offers entrepreneurs ownership of not just a spacious office space, they also get access to the Green Building connected with optic fiber, yoga, Gym, pool, spa, organic farming, Communal restaurant, and spaces, co-work area. These new workspaces make going to work a whole new wonderful experience, with the view of the shimmering blue sea ahead, breathtaking sunsets, and lush green forests, which is a major productivity boost. Founders along with their whole team can enjoy all these perks and privileges for far less than what they were paying in the U.S, without having to adjust to a new time zone.

Santa Teresa

According to Liran Rosenfeld the Founder of Yoko Village, Santa Teresa had been a lifesaver for him back in early 2019. “My transformation came to be in Costa Rica after I’d completely burnt out in December 2018. This happened after 2 years of not making it to the next desired round of funding and working myself to sickness literally, without thinking of what I was actually doing to myself. The deep desire to keep up with the successful CEO standards, conveyed by “the success porn” of Silicon Valley can become extremely unhealthy.”

“Santa Teresa for me was like a backdrop to where I could create within an environment that nourishes and heals me . The constant desire to have a higher evaluation and mega-influence evaporates. Here in Costa Rica there is tremendous opportunity to be productive, do meaningful work, and also lead a balanced life.” This was why I decided to develop Yoko eco-village. Rosenfeld also adds that /yoko means Sunshine child.

“I have so much more buying power for the work I do here. Unlike San Francisco. You don’t have to work hard to lead a luxurious life while feeling safe. What kind of safety does one really feel in the city nowadays?”

Santa Teresa

Having getaway places as rental offices with a strong tech community and cheaper living costs are certainly nothing new, but the pandemic has made it more relevant now than ever. Once the global travel restriction is lifted, having a sanctuary like one in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, will immediately provide the tech community with options, especially those who need to bounce back after a plummet in both operations and revenues. The benefit of staying in a country like Costa-Rica is that they have flexible immigration policies that allow even tourists to buy property and settle down in the country. This is one of the reasons why this Latin American country has become very popular among American and European expats and pensioners searching for the warm climate and work-life balance. For instance, Santa Teresa is home to 72 nationalities who live together in a small radius of 6km2 with the local population making up only 5 percent of the total population. This close-knit global community of expats, tourists, and locals-have created a village of abundance and ‘Pura Vida’. Most notably the Nicoya Peninsula where Santa Teresa is located in one of the five Blue Zones of the world where people are expected to live longer than in other parts of the globe.

Although working from home in a “paradise city/village” can be the new normal, it also doesn’t hurt to have a little vacation with business on the side every now and then especially after such a devastating hit.

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