PassRights founding partner and former CEO Liran Rosenfeld, has developed an International Co-Working Community & HUB, which offers an exclusive opportunity to live & work in an international, sustainable, co-working community; uniquely designed for remote workers looking to relocate to paradise.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live

What was once just a notion, has now become the new reality for many workers around the globe as remote work, or working from home (WFH) becomes the new norm. The global COVID pandemic has changed the way we live, work and play, resulting in many international cities experiencing mass exoduses as workers and their families seek a better, less stressful, and more productive lifestyle.

We are already seeing a shift in how companies are adapting to the current COVID environment. The reality of the situation has forced them to look for safer and more affordable solutions, and converting from physical office space to remote working spaces is a huge financial savings. For this reason, outsourcing work and creating virtual workplaces has now become the norm. Geographical borders have suddenly become non-existent and the future is trending towards virtual conferencing and remote working environments; which is turning out to be a much more viable option.

About Yoko Village:


YokoVillage, a gated community located just outside of Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula, was designed specifically to cater to the needs of remote workers looking to relocate. The Village is centered around the well-being of its residents and comes fully equipped with all the amenities and facilities necessary to maintain a sustainable, well-balanced lifestyle. The luxurious, high-tech, co-working office space includes fiber optics internet service, a full business center, communal working spaces, video conference rooms, private offices, and much more. The community center offers a communal kitchen and restaurant, a workshop center, supermarket, alternative school, kindergarten, and creative playgrounds, as well as an array of other services.

The Village boasts an exclusively designed meditation center and yoga deck, a sports center, an Olympic size pool, tennis, soccer, and basketball courts, a gym, and a spa. YokoVillage values are dedicated to building a creative, productive, and inspirational environment for our residents while promoting a sustainable and healthy work/life balance within the community. We designed the Village with this in mind, adding an organic farm/plantation for communal produce, as well as a communal garden and edible forest within the grounds.

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Inspired by the serenity and natural beauty of the environment, the property houses up to 80 villas uniquely designed to suit the needs of each individual investor or resident. Situated on the hillside, the villas are spaced to maximize privacy, giving residents plenty of green-space and natural habitat surrounding each home. Whether seeking a private space or a more sociable atmosphere, YokoVillage offers investors the opportunity to purchase an affordable and luxurious villa in paradise. A place to live and work amongst like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers in a creative, sociable, and healthy community.

With a choice of an ocean or mountain-view, the property offers 3 kinds of affordable options. Ranging from 860sq/ft up to 1300sq/ft, investors can choose from a fully furnished, pre-designed, semi-detached or single-family home, or alternatively build a villa of their own design. Private pools and solar panels can also be installed upon request and investments start at as little as $250,000 (US). Full development of the Village is expected within 5 years of commencement.

YokoVillage is designed to accommodate both permanent and part-time residents. Investors have the choice of living on property permanently or alternatively using the villa as a turn-key investment. Our in-house rental program offers owners a hassle-free program to manage rental properties. For more permanent residents, Costa Rica’s flexible immigration policies make the transition to a remote lifestyle a reachable goal for remote workers worldwide. A property investment of $200,000+ (US) entitles the investor to apply for permanent residency and combined with the low cost and high standards of living, Costa Rica is quickly becoming the top choice of location for remote workers to relocate.

The story behind Yoko Village

In 2019, after experiencing Silicon Valley burn-out, Liran Rosenfeld, the founder of YokoVillage, made the decision to move his business away from the Bay Area to work remotely from Santa Teresa.

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“Santa Teresa has allowed me the space to find a good life/work balance. The stress of the city and the pressures that come with living and working in that environment, totally disappeared when I came here. Costa Rica offers a tremendous opportunity to be more productive, lead a well-balanced life, and successfully run your business or work remotely. There is also the added benefit of being on Mountain Standard Time, which works well for doing business in North America”

Santa Teresa is home to over 70 different nationalities living in a small radius of only 2.3 square miles. The locals make up for only 5% of the total population and is made up of a close-knit, international community of expats, tourists, and part-time residents who have created a village of abundance and Pura Vida in one of the world’s five Blue Zones. Notably, the Nicoya Peninsula is considered to be a Blue Zone; a region where it is believed people live longer due to environmental demographics and a healthy lifestyle.

For more information contact Liran Rosenfeld at:

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