Nov 6, Santa Teresa: YokoVillage is now offering remote workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all walks of life a rare opportunity to own a piece of paradise while investing in the future.
Yoko village is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of remote workers and their families looking to escape the city life in exchange for a relaxed, less stressful, and more productive lifestyle. With exclusive lots and select villa designs, the Village offers affordable options with a variety of ownership choices. The community comes fully equipped with all the amenities and facilities necessary to maintain a healthy, well-balanced, co-working lifestyle.

The Villas

Located in Santa Teresa on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, YokoVillage offers an exclusive selection of affordable, quality villa designs with a choice of ocean or mountain view. Investors can pick from fully furnished and professionally decorated, single residences to one, two- or three-bedroom homes.

YokoVillage villa

Layouts range from 860 ft² to 1300 ft² (80m² – 120m²) and are expertly designed to complement the natural beauty and topography of the surrounding area. The open-plan layouts are perfect for the Costa Rican climate, built with minimal impact and maximum efficiency and comfort.

Villas are spaced to maximize privacy, giving residents plenty of green-space and natural habitat surrounding each home. Whether seeking a private space or a more sociable atmosphere, YokoVillage allows investors the opportunity to purchase an affordable and luxurious villa in paradise, built to suit their specific needs.

Private pools and solar panels can be installed upon request and expanded square footage is available if needed. Individual lots can also be purchased to accommodate an independently designed villa. 

Choose an exclusively pre-designed Village Villa or build your own design:

Option A – 1-bedroom villa

Option B – 2-bedroom villa A

2-bedroom villa B

Option C – Design & build your own villa

The Lots

The topography of the land lends itself perfectly to the layout of the Village, which is designed to accommodate both permanent and part-time residents. Lots are allocated in parcels of 5000 m² (1.24 acres) with shared ownership of 1-4 investors and mapped out accordingly. 
The majority of the villas are located on agricultural land, while semi-detached houses are built at the entrance to the Village alongside the commercial road and communal amenities. 

Village Villa

Turn-key or vacation rentals are located in a designated area, separate from permanent residents, with an onsite rental office to assist owners wishing to participate in the vacation rental program. 

The Investment Timeline

The project will be constructed in 3 phases, offering investors direct and private ownership of their individual villa and lot. With a select number of lots available for initial investment, Pioneer investors will have the first choice of prime location offering breathtaking ocean and mountain views. Villas are strategically spaced to allow residents to live in privacy while still having full access to common areas and communal facilities.

Phase I – Pioneer Investors (20% discount)

  • Initial investors – open for sale Nov. 2020
  • 16 select investor lots available – first come first serve basis
  • First choice of location – ocean or mountain view
  • Pioneers are required to invest 100% of the value of the investment + costs
  • Villa construction – early 2021
  • Deadline for application & deposit – December 31st 2020

Phase II – Pre-sale (10% discount)

  • Phase II sale – spring 2021 
  • 10 houses / lots available
  • 10% discount off full value
  • Villa construction – late 2021

Phase III – Investors

  • Phase III sale – fall 2021
  • 35 houses / lots available
  • Villa construction – early 2022

Phase 1 – Starting for as little as $196k – pioneer investors (20% discount) – 2020

Phase 2 – Pre-sale investors – (10% discount) – open for sale spring 2021

Phase 3 – Investors – published rate – open for sale – fall 2021

  • 1 bedroom – $245,000 – $220,500 – $196,000
  • 2 bedroom – $320,000 – $288,000 – $256,000
  • 3 bedroom – $450,000 – $405,000 – $360,000

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