The minute we hear about the O-1 visa, we think, “Oh My God, I can never qualify for it.”

Is it really out of your league? Or has it been hyped about so much that you feel you aren’t good enough to apply for it?

As an O-1 visa application service provider, we (PassRight) get queries from a lot of aspiring applicants who keep telling us how much they would like to apply for the O-1 visa, but aren’t certain if they qualify for it because they have heard a lot of scary things about the whole process.

To help you understand this visa type better, we have exposed the…

Top 5 myths behind the O-1 phobia:

01. You have to win an Academy Award or must Nobel Prize laureate to apply for this Visa type

This one is the most common hoax that has been floating around on the internet. The answer is, No, you do not have to be a Nobel Prize laureate or an Oscar winner to apply for the visa. Anyone with exceptional feats and accomplishments in their career can apply for the visa.

02. You must be renowned globally in your field of expertise

Although being famous in your field of expertise internationally is a benefit, it is not a criterion. You need to show that your work has been recognized, awarded and documented, for you to qualify for the visa process.

03. You are stuck with the same employer, for the whole duration of your visa

Though this is not entirely true there is some truth to it, because you will have to go over the whole process with your new employer who will now have to file a petition on your behalf. And if you are like me, who usually cannot bother to go through the whole process all over again you are pretty much stuck with the same employer. However, if you do file for the visa through PassRight, we will help you with the procedure over and over again, to ensure that it remains hassle-free for you.

04. You cannot travel to your home country while you are on the O-1 visa

This only applies to people on Asylum status or visa as their lives back home are at risk or they could be subjected to torture, abductions, forceful imprisonment. People on the O-1 status are free to travel in and out of the US as they please as long as they hold a valid visa.

05. Once the visa expires you cannot apply for an extension

Like any other visa, you can re-file for the visa as long as your employer still needs your services and is willing to file another petition to help you renew your visa.  As per the US government regulations, there is no limit to how many times you can reapply for the visa since it depends on the company you are working with and their need for your expertise.

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