On your way to the “American Dream” you are either in your home country or you are in the USA with a b1/b2 visa, counting days backwards instead of forward.  This means that you are stuck and need a B-1/B-2 Visa Extension.

Steps of B1 or B2 visa extension 

Step 1: Online search

Are you getting dizzy after 10 minutes when you find out NOTHING? No Prices, not one online resource that can tell you which visa you need and how much does it cost. Big let down.

Step 2: Find out for the right immigration lawyer

To do that you start looking for review web sites like Yelp. But we all know that not all reviews are true. You can sense fake reviews many times. Time Consuming.

Step 3: Compare Prices

To do that you have to start calling at least 6-7 lawyers to sort out a minimal understanding of the market price.

But what do you know? Do you know the price changes between different states? Do you know that most of the time you don’t need the lawyer to be next to you.  Is lawyer from Delaware may be cheaper then a lawyer in California?!

Step 3: Who is a talent responsible good attorney? Who has the best success rates?

(I’m not getting ripped off!!!)

So much information about Immigration for the United States.
At this point when it came down to choosing, I trusted my friends advice. We always do.

The Solution:

The concept of shop immigration is game changing in Immigration process.
No more ignorant unwise decisions. You can see online the best prices offered from lawyers in 50 States, you get real decent immigrants who experienced the same as you did, working in the the customer service department. You can find out by yourself what Visa you are supposed to go after and many times its a Green Card you are supposed to go after! We will guide you on how to do that.

Be On top of your American Dream!