We are all slowly and gradually getting used to the new normal! But the global pandemic has definitely left a scar in our hearts and minds. As it has brought life as we know it to a complete halt.

Both Emigration and Immigration to the United States has slowed down to a trickle mainly due to the Trump administration’s tight hold on immigration and the enormous number of COVID-19 cases. This doesn’t mean that you should be letting go of your American dreams!

Here are the top five reasons we think you should start packing your bags and relocate to the world’s original land of opportunities

 01. Education


Home to most of the world’s Ivy leagues, the United States has always prided itself on its high Education standards. The quality of education in the United States is so high that we count at is one of the main reasons anyone with kids should move to the USA.

If you have older children or are considering going back to school yourself, then the American college system is world-renowned, and age is not a barrier.

02. Better Career Opportunities

Known as the land of opportunities, Americans take great pride in working from a young age. Work is part of the American culture and youngsters are taught the value of money from a very young age. The USA is also regularly among the top five countries for workforce productivity.


Employers in the US are willing to cast their eyes overseas to find the best talent to benefit their business. If you’ve got a skill that an American company needs, they’ll go out of their way to help you, from helping to arrange a visa to help find a home. Once in the States, you can enjoy the job security and satisfaction the average American does.

All you need to do is prove that you have great work ethics, and you can look forward to a lucrative career ahead.

03. “Can Do” Attitude

Americans have a very positive outlook on life. With their ‘can do’ attitude, Americans know that they can achieve what they set their minds to.


 Expats can expect to be greeted by friendly and welcoming people ready to help new arrivals get settled in. Most American towns have a strong sense of community, so don’t be surprised when your neighbors lend a helping hand or just greet you in the street. They might even be willing to help you make the move!

04. Amazing Food


Home to over 200,000 restaurants, with dishes from across the world to suit all tastes and budgets. Americans have proven that they take their food quite seriously. Their national dishes might seem simple, but not many countries can boast to have perfected the hamburger or macaroni cheese quite like the US.

05. Great Outdoors

american landscape

With Texas alone being three times the size of the United Kingdom, the United States has an abundance of land and open spaces that are incredibly beautiful. There are lakes the size of a small country, mountain ranges to climb up and ski down, and coastlines spanning two oceans. There are so many great natural wonders to explore in America, from the Grand Canyon to the Everglades, that you’ll have trouble choosing where to begin.

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