Santa Teresa is often mentioned in the same breath as “paradise”, and for good reason too. With its gorgeous beaches, a myriad of outdoor activities, jungles, and volcanoes to explore, cheap accommodation, amazing food, and friendly people, it offers this new generation of workers everything they need to fulfill their work-life balance.

Remote working from anywhere is definitely the next biggest work trend, according to Flex jobs annual survey. As a whole generation of workers refuse to work from tiny claustrophobic spaces called offices in urban centers, with no work-life balance. Although the COVID-19 may have catalyzed the trend of working remotely, the work from anywhere movement isn’t really a new concept as digital nomads had made paradise locations like Costa Rica’s Santa Teresa, their work cum holiday destination for over a decade now. 

Why is Santa Teresa the Paradise for remote workers

01. Live and work from the Happiest Country in the World

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) has ranked Costa Rica as the happiest country in the world. Its slow and relaxed pace of life helps maintain a work-life balance, like nowhere else in the world. The way of life here is so contagious that even before you know it you will embrace the so-called “Pura Vida”. This expression used to say “Hi!”, “I am fine” or “Thank you”, turns out to be a way of life in this Paradise location which is known for its sun, surf, and sandy beaches. The Nicoya Peninsula where Santa Teresa is located is renowned for its consistent surf and yoga institutes as it is one of the world’s blue zones–Blue zones are regions of the world where it is believed that people live longer.

 02. No Time Zone Adjustments

For entrepreneurs and experts working with the U.S market, working remotely from the European, Asian or African timezones requires adjustments to be made on both ends and is usually not an easy task. Another problem we face while juggling between timezones is the lack of real-time communication in many cases due to time differences. It takes a lot of effort to synchronize between teams. Hence Santa Teresa offers the perfect solution since it is in a similar time zone as it falls in the Central Standard Time.

03. Enhanced Work Productivity

Unlike in the past, where profit would be the main concern for many top-level executives, the trend is shifting to investment in employee well being and productivity. Studies have shown that people tend to work better is a peaceful environment close to nature have been found to increase productivity. Being close to nature has a calming effect and helps one feel more relaxed hence enhancing productivity and creativity and reduces stress.

work productive

The work from anywhere model not only helps to increase work productivity it also helps companies reduce their costs as the cost of real estate in Santa Teresa is approximately 50 percent less than in L.A or San Francisco. Making co-habiting workspaces at Yoko village the ideal location for companies to relocate to.

04. High-Speed Optic Fibre Internet

Costa Rica over the past 15 years has developed into a melting pot of cultures. Santa Teresa alone is currently home to over 70 nationalities from all corners of the world and it is frequented by tourists from all parts of the globe. Therefore it is no wonder that Costa Rica is home to several internet providers and it has the second-largest number of internet users in Latin America, with optic fiber connections throughout the country. With hotels and common tourist hangouts offering internet speeds of up to 10mbps. 

05. Great connectivity and Less Travel Time

costa rica airport

Costa Rica is just five hours or so away from LA, three hours from Miami and New York. There are plenty of flights to and from the country throughout the day. So, in reality, Santa Teresa is just half day away for anyone wanting to attend a meeting, conference, or seminar in the U.S. And tech professional, entrepreneurs can use their O-1 Visas to travel to and from Costa Rica, as and when they please or need to.  With two international airports – one located in the capital, San José, and the other one in Liberia, on the northwest pacific coast, – Costa Rica offers a large number of non-stop flights from Europe and North America. 

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