It is imperative that you hire the best immigration attorney so you save the time and money and get your visa approved in the first time. It is a universal truth that the USCIS has the most complicated and painstaking application process consisting of neverending technical nuances, amongst all other countries. We want to ensure that you have a safe future and also want you to get your desired visa type approved that can make your stay hassle free in the U.S. Hence, it is suggested that you hire dedicated professionals that care about your case and they are equipped with the right knowledge. An immigration attorney should open new opportunities for you, suggest the best creative solutions for your visa enquiries, boost your confidence and give hope.

It is even more important to hire someone who is trustworthy and also well qualified when it concerns crucial visa applications which are likely to receive an RFE like EB-1, EB-2 Visa, O-1 Visa, H-1B Visa, to name a few. As a non-immigrant you must be wondering how to choose the best immigration attorney.

EB-1, EB-2 Visa, O-1 Visa, H-1 B Visa

Research before hiring the best immigration attorney

It is also necessary that you conduct some in-depth research before you decide to hire an immigration attorney, as you will be investing a lot of money and time to get your visa approved. The most trusted sources considered for getting an opinion when hiring the best immigration attorney is word of mouth, yelp, google and website reviews. Also, it’s important that you hire an immigration attorney who is empathetic, trustworthy, understands your case and makes you feel comfortable while discussing your situation.  As a non-immigrant you should compare the knowledge of lawyers and their experience, to know how if they will be able to manage your case.

Hiring an immigration attorney

In case you sign up with an immigration attorney who doesn’t have the right knowledge and misunderstand or violates the guidelines and laws laid out by USCIS, you might be subjected some serious consequences apart from not getting your desired visa type. Hence, don’t sign up with an immigration attorney who is only expensive, check their history and background experience and make an informed decision. Another crucial component of your research should be to be aware of your rights, so in case if you end up hiring a quack you will not be misled for a long time. Therefore, being self-aware and conducting a self- study on the different visa types is also an important aspect of hiring the best immigration lawyer. The best immigration attorney will usually provide their services for all kinds of visas, extensions and related services ranging from Eb-1, Eb-2 Visa (also known as the green card), O-1 Visa for the artists or people with extraordinary ability in the field of science, business, education, athletics, H-1B visa for highly skilled non-immigrants, K-1 Visa for the fiancée, L-1 Visa for intra-company transfers working in multinationals in managerial and executive capacity, F-1 Visa for international students moving to the U.S. for studies, adjustment of status or change of status, to name a few.

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