Did you Graduate from Stanford Business School this year? If you are not an American, you got 30% chance of finding a job.

Recent numbers show that about 30% of Stanford Business School grads are from other countries. There are thousands of top foreign students that will have to leave the U.S to go home this year, and will not have the chance to pursue the American dream, as they had been promised before they came to study here.

Former Google Employee & Stanford Grad Story

Hadas, single 29 years old, Israeli, graduated top of her class in Israel and started working at Google, developing software for Waze. She could have stayed there for the next decade, but she got accepted to Stanford.

The story of Hadas, a foreigner who recently graduated from Stanford Business School is a reflection of a problem top foreign talents are facing when coming to the U.S. But it’s not only “top”, it’s everyone.

Why This Is So Unfair?

Going to a Stanford Business School 2 year program, has a cost of $130,000, which includes a $65,000 annual tuition. To pass these 2 years, an average student from Stanford who lives in the dorms, will be looking at a cost of $190,000. Many students can’t afford that, and they get scholarships. But the cost of living is very high, and almost all students will graduate with some of the heaviest loans they will ever take.

Hadas shared how hard it is to  get into Stanford. As a student, your first struggle is to get in, and later on, you got 2 more years of struggle to make it to the finish line, first looking for a job, and then obtaining a work visa.

What Was True Is Now Science Fiction?

Everyone knows that when you get out of school, the doors of top companies open, and you can work for a few years in order to pay back your student loans. This is not true anymore.

As a student you can work for 1 year in the U.S under Optional Practical Training (OPT), at the end of year one, and even if your employer loves you and want to continue hiring you, you cannot stay and work with that employer, unless you win the H-1B lottery. This is ridiculous.

Hadas explains that when she applied to Stanford, 4 years ago, it was not 30% chance to get the H1B but rather 80%. No one even thought about this. Who knew  problem would turn out to be this big?

Up until 2017, America was stealing talents from all over the world thanks to its amazing schools and job opportunities. Everyone wants to get a job in Corporate America and later be set for life. But there is a problem with the “later”.

The current policy is helping the U.S based companies  become mediocre. Top talents will now have to go somewhere else.