The world is getting used to the crisis response towards the recovery calling it the new normal, slowly with time international businesses and alliances, destinations, and flights are starting to resume operations.

As the world recovers from the pandemic and global economy jump-starts after months of closure and uncertainties. The demand for talented and highly skilled human resources will also apex across the North American Continent.

The Increase in Job opportunities 

During the pandemic, there have been talks of the change in the world order.  The U.S has shown the highest number in the covid19 cases, this is also in perfect correlation to the number of tests conducted as compared with other nations. But the recent situation has raised many Eyebrows on Trump’s administration.

Nevertheless, US strategian have come up with a long term plan to strengthen the present situation. According to Deloitte, a Weekly global economic update, there is strong job growth and a sharp decline in the unemployment rate. Based on a survey 1.371 million new jobs were created in August’20. 

According to the news release by the Bureau Of Labour Statistics; The increase in employment is as shown below;

Industry (Broadly) Number of jobs (Aug’20)
Professional and Business services 197,000
Temporary Services 107,000
Restaurants and Bar  134,000

Going forward the government has plans to regulate more jobs in the US market. This means the anti-American talks and dialogues must be overlooked while making immigration choices. 

During the Pandemic as an immediate response to the crises, many companies allowed their employees to work remotely or from home, the quick response to the crises has made it clear that the US market should be ready for any such future crises and its dependence on advanced technology. which again opens the gate for more IT professionals to live and work on American soil, on visa categories like the O-1 Visa.

Understanding the O-1 Visa

what is o1 visa

One of the common questions clients ask is, What O-1 Visa and am I eligible to apply for it?  O-1 Visa is for aliens with extraordinary ability. It is a dual intent visa for those looking to settle down in the US. It is also known as the pathway to permanent residence. 

Yes, anyone can apply for it, all you need to do is demonstrate is exceptional excellence in your respective field of profession for example sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. 

Since the O-1 visa is particularly desirable, visa applications undergo extreme scrutiny. Therefore it’s advised to consult or have a good immigration attorney who can review your profile and can handle your case. The supporting documents submitted must meet at least 3 out of the 8 criteria.

How PassRight can help?

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