Considering getting an O-1 type of visa? Before seeking the assistance of a qualified O-1 visa lawyer in Los Angeles CA, here are some important bits of information you should know first about the O-1 visa and the main procedures of acquiring one.

What is an O-1 visa and why you should get it?

O-1 is a classification of a Visa status for foreigners who demonstrate a great ability and skill in arts, academics, corporate matters, and/or sports. This is an employment profile that allows foreigners to come and work in the U.S. Applications for an O-1 type of Visa may be submitted through a qualified U.S agent, employer, or alien employer representing the O-1 Visa candidate. The advantage of an O-1 visa status is that it serves two aims and the receiver can obtain permanent resident status at the same time while living in the U.S. Here are the various types of O-1 visa statuses granted:

  • This is for people who demonstrate great skills in sciences, academics, businesses, or sports;
  • This concerns people who demonstrate great skills in arts, music, or media like T.V, press, and radio;
  • For people that will follow the O-1 person to a common event or performance;
  • People who are the spouses or children of O-1 and O-2 individuals.


What is an O-1 visa

The first period of O-1 visa validity lasts for three years. The validity duration will start from the date of status approval and will end upon the requested date of the beneficiary. This date though should not pass the initial date dictated by the USCIS to fulfill the work-connected event or work the foreigner has entered the United States to perform. This time of validity can be up to 3 years and can last less than 3 years if necessary.

Due to the fact that other types of Visa statuses like for example an H-1B status visa are not only indicated for certain kinds of professionals, the O-1 Visa status is ideal for people that wish to enter and work in the U.S in academic, art, media, scientific, or sport events that will last for up to three years. Another important benefit of the O-1 visa is that individuals don’t have to fulfill a 2-year residency period to obtain a higher visa status.

Why should you hire an O-1 visa lawyer to help?

Hiring an O-1 visa attorney is very important as there are various processes and documentation that need to be submitted appropriately for the acceptance and approval of your application and there is little room for discrepancies and mistakes. It would be wise here to seek the best immigration attorney in Los Angeles if you plan on coming to CA for guidance on how to proceed.

A qualified and experienced immigration attorney will among others:

hire an O-1 visa lawyer to help

  • Constructively communicate with your employer to assist their sponsorship of your visa status submission;
  • Demonstrate sample letters of recommendation that apply to your sector to be utilized for reference purposes;
  • Help you fill all the necessary documentation;
  • Assist you in getting an affidavit or advisory review/opinion with a suitable peer team or independent consulting body concerning the type of work you’ll be doing.


It would be therefore wise to leave the matter to the hands of the best immigration attorney in Los Angeles so that everything is done appropriately and that you have all that it takes to make your submission successful.