Coming to the United States and founding a company here with the E-2 visa is easier than you might think, and foreign founders have many advantages over the people who have been living in the United States. Those who grew up in the U.S. and went to school here, were trained, taught and guided by certain ways and principles that might not apply to foreigners who are just arriving. This gives foreigners, especially those who qualify for the O-1 Visa, because they are considered extraordinary and are bound for an interesting journey, an edge over those who might not think outside the box in a way that someone who is new to the country might be able to. This fresh perspective of the U.S. allows foreign founders the possibility to create, enhance or deliver an idea or product that might otherwise not exist in the U.S.

Foreign Founders Resist Biased Notions

Among the many advantages foreign founders have as newcomers to the United States is that they have an unbiased view of this country. They have not been affected by childhood memories or notions built into their ideology from an early age by U.S born or raised teachers and mentors. When someone looks at the same thing from the same perspective their entire lives, it’s hard to see anything different from what you have been seeing your whole life. That’s why it’s so important to have foreign founders come to the U.S. as they have the advantage of fresh perspective on old ideas that the U.S. might not even be considering.

Foreign Founders Bring Fresh Ideas

Fresh perspectives often bring fresh ideas, which offer inspirational and creative solutions that build on the advances of others, and offer theories to problems that enhance originality and provide unlikely solutions to complicated issues. The way things are done in a foreigner’s home country could vary greatly from the way things are done in the U.S. Yet by bringing that fresh idea to this country, wonderful things could happen to old and worn down systems. Whether in politics, scientific discoveries, or the world of technology, foreign founders who come to the U.S. with concepts that are not yet implemented in this country could have a major and positive impact on the local and even global economy. Also, many U.S. Accelerator programs welcome foreign founders, and even offer financing, a place to operate from, and other resources to help grow their business.

Foreign Founders Provide for Foreign Talent

Unlike with the O-1 Visa, where the founder cannot get their spouse a work permit, with the E-2 Visa, foreign founders are welcome to bring foreign talent with them to the U.S. as essential employees, as long as they are either from the same country or are of the same ethnicity. America is known as the home of many multi-ethnic and multi-racial communities. So, it comes as no surprise that the U.S. welcomes foreign founders to bring along the foreign talent that helps them build and grow their business. Many companies start out with just a few employees who often establish a rapport and become like family to each other. These close ties are exactly the kind of bonds that the U.S. promotes and supports with the E-2 visa and other opportunities provided to foreign founders.

Foreign Founders Enrich the U.S. Economy

According to a 2018 article, 55% of America’s billion dollar startups have a foreign founder or co-founder, including companies like Uber, SpaceX, Avant, Peloton and WeWork. It’s no secret that as the largest economy in the world, the U.S. definitely wants to attract foreign founders who have big ideas that could generate millions of dollars, create thousands of jobs, and build communities of talented, driven and successful individuals. Foreign founders are given all the opportunities of citizens to build their business and expand upon their ideas as long as they follow the provisions of their visa and uphold their legal immigration status.

Foreign Founders Turn to PassRight

While the United States may seem like a closed off country to those who are trying to immigrate here, getting one of the many immigration or talent visas is not as hard or even as complicated as it might appear. With the help of a compassionate immigration attorney and the empathetic team at PassRight that is determined to provide you all the guidance you need to make your dream a reality, coming to the U.S. and building your business here starts with just a few clicks of your keyboard. No matter what your personal or career goals are for coming to the United States, PassRight is ready to help you get there.

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