A new US Congressional report on defense has called on the United States Government to aggressively expand visas for foreign STEM talents.

The report states that the government should ensure that people with critical knowledge and capacity should stay in the country.

The United States Congress’s philosophy

The Future of Defense Tasks Force report, 2020, which was released by the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, highlights that every time a foreign-born student returns to their home country from the US, they take with them critical knowledge and capacity.

“The United States must increase its retention of foreign talent US. When these foreign-born students return to their home countries, they take with them critical knowledge and capacity. And while some want to return to their home countries, many choose to stay in the United States is allowed. The US must recognize this immigration shortfall by aggressively expanding visas for STEM talent,” said the report.

To sustain the world order that has allowed the US to prosper and thrive for more than 70 years, the US must foster new and creative partnerships for a changing world while strengthening existing alliances and security agreements, said the report.

Such engagements will further vital US national security interests by ensuring placement, access, resiliency, and redundancy while creating complex problem sets for adversaries.

What does this mean for Foreign STEM Talents?


Foreign Talents are required in several sectors ranging from health to the Tech and IT sector. Retaining foreign talents post COVID-19 will be a top priority for major industries across the United States. As companies start to gradually reopen.

Why O-1 Visa is a Great Choice for STEM professionals?

stem professionals

Unlike other visa types for foreign nationals, the O-1 visa is underutilized, this dual intent visa is the only U.S visa category that has not too experienced any kind of regulatory changes by the Trump administration. Defined as, a dual intent visa “for the individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, or who has a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and has been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements, this is the best visa type for all STEM professionals.

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