Last year I connected with a startup that needed PassRight’s service. As time went by I became fascinated by their company, so much so I made my first angel investment in them. I found the business model to be novel as it transformed the way I looked at finance.

SMBX FINRA License Approved Today

Why SMBX needs to exist?

People hate banks. We keep our money in banks. Banks lend out our money. Banks make the profit. We earn next to nothing. Till now there were no viable means for people to access a bank’s SMB loan portfolio.

What if we could bypass the bank? What if small businesses could access the true source of capital – YOU – direct? And what if you could earn the yield the bank receives?

Think of it like this, if you, an average person with no access to private deal flow, could invest in a diversified portfolio of small business bonds yielding you 7% accounting for default, paying principal + interest monthly, and exit when desired, would you store cash there? If yes, then you understand why.

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What is SMBX?

SMBX is the first capital marketplace for small business financial securities: a platform where small businesses raise money by issuing bonds to people instead of taking out a loan, people invest as little as $10, earn a fixed monthly rate of return, and will be able to trade on the SMBX secondary market.

It took close to 2 years for their business model to be approved by FINRA and the SEC, as they are the first platform to issue a fixed debt financial instrument through a modified dutch auction, mobile first.


The team has 50 years of financial services experience: investment banking, financial engineering and technology, and accounting.

Ben, the CEO, is a financial engineer, Ph.D., former hedge fund CPO, and recovering finance/fintech professor; Gabrielle, COO, was a former credit union loan portfolio manager, has 10 yrs of financial managing/accounting for SMBs/startups; Bhavish, CTO was a senior architect at RBC and RBS, has 10 yrs architecting mobile banking platforms; Jackie, Chief Risk Officer, was Chief of Staff at Nomura, VP Equity Derivatives at Morgan Stanley, has 20 yrs managing financial risk.

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