Getting the O-1 Visa is one of the easiest ways for qualified individuals to gain access to the largest economy in the world, and Passright is offering 100% financing to qualified applicants. The United States offers the highest salaries and some of the best living conditions for individuals and their families. However, before filling out the application and spending thousands of dollars and hours of time and resources, it’s important to know in advance if you qualify for the O-1 Visa.

O-1A Visa vs. O-1B Visa

There are actually two O-1 Visas available. The O-1A Visa and the O-1B Visa (for the arts). Because Passright is currently interested in filling the massive void of talent in the booming technology field, this article will focus on the qualifications for the O-1A Visa which specifies that the applicant must have extraordinary abilities in science, education, business or athletics.

Benefits of O-1 Visa

The O-1 Visa has a few benefits over the other types of work visas. The first one is that it does not have a time limit, for applications to be sent, nor for applicants to stay in the country. As long as the visa is renewed after the first three years on annual basis, the applicants may stay for as long as their expertise is required. It also does not limit beneficiaries in the type of work that must be done for the duration of the visa. Furthermore, the O-1 Visa has a dual intent, because the beneficiary can pursue permanent resident status in the U.S. while in possession of this visa. This is because the qualifications are nearly identical to those of an EB-1 Visa which results in a Green Card.

How Do I Qualify for The O-1A Visa?

• Gotten a major, internationally recognized award such a Nobel or Grammy?
• Received international or national recognition awards or prizes for excellence in your field?
• Have a membership in associations in your field where classification is wanted and requires excellent achievements of members, as judged by recognized international or national experts in your field?
• Published content in major trade, media or professional publications about the beneficiary and their work in your field?
• Participated on a panel or as a judge of the work of others in the same or allied specialized field?
• Have an original scholarly, scientific, or business-related contribution of major significance in your field?
• Authored articles in the field that were featured by major media or professional journals?
• Employed in an essential or critical capacity for establishments and organizations that have a distinguished reputation?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, then you might qualify for an O-1A Visa! Contact us! Let`s talk about it.