EB-1A Green Card for Indian Vice President of Digital Product Management (after RFE received)

We hope that his story will give you some insight and inspiration for your own immigration journey!


Service: EB-1 A – I-140 

Who: a dynamic and influential figure in the field of Digital Product Management, with a strong focus on developing innovative products within the financial sphere. The client’s career is marked by a remarkable commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Through her work, she has been empowering women around the world. 

Challenge: The client got impacted by the harsh approach of the USCIS. Initially, RFE was received and despite the fact the client was qualified, the case was denied.

Solution: We took into consideration USCIS comments and resubmitted the case with slight updates.

Result: EB-1A I-140 was approved with no RFE after a few weeks from the initial denial.


Client’s story

Our featured client is an Indian lady who has been employed as a Vice President of Product in the U.S. under an H-1B Visa for several years. She had no prior I-140 approvals and was also a founder of multiple diversity-oriented initiatives that inspired thousands of women in America and beyond. The client’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is not only evident in her mission but also in the tangible results she has achieved. Her work has created opportunities for women in technology, enabling them to thrive and excel in an industry that has traditionally been dominated by men. She came to us for help, as her goal was to transition from her regular job and gain more freedom to work on her side projects. 

Creating a strategy for the client proved to be a challenging task, primarily due to the unique nature of her field in digital product management within the financial sector. This specialized niche is not commonly encountered in standard USCIS requirements, which often cater to more traditional job categories.

To overcome this hurdle, we had to make significant adjustments and modifications to align her expertise with USCIS standards. It involved careful documentation collection and explanation of her pivotal role in the development of innovative digital products aimed at women and her substantial contribution to the tech industry. The strategy process required a deep understanding of both her professional background and the specific USCIS criteria to create a compelling case that accurately represented her qualifications and contributions, ultimately paving the way for her immigration status.

Despite being initially denied, we believed that this client had a solid foundation to build an EB-1A Visa application, and most importantly the client truly believed in her outstanding achievements and entrusted us with the story we wanted to create. The Attorney encouraged the client to resubmit and the petition was approved with no RFE under premium processing.

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