Why and How is Artificial Intelligence Improving the US Immigration Process?

Immigration and machine learning seem like two completely different segmented topics, but they are able to go hand-in-hand as society progresses. PassRight is a company that is taking the reigns on the developments that artificial intelligence can bring to the US immigration process.

Why We Need A New Immigration System?

With tech advancing, most industries are changing for the better. We can do everything quicker such as: apply for jobs, travel, rent a car, order food etc. The immigration system still has some dated practices that make the industry crave machine learning improvements that automate the complicated system.

The Length of the US Immigration Process Will be Quicker

PassRight works towards automating every step of the process so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Because they use such a refined type of technology, this makes the process more thorough and safe, but faster. They help immigrants every step along the way towards U.S. citizenship with their safe and user-friendly automated process.

PassRight Does More than Just Immigration

This company is at the cutting edge of the hiring process as well. They acknowledge the visa process that can be expensive, overwhelming and complicated. PassRight offers an add-on immigration software that allows employers to double the candidate pool and access international talent that had to have been turned away previously. This opens the doors to hiring for employers and employees around the world.

This inclusive software will make applicants feel encouraged. When the job application asks if the applicant is a citizen and they click “no,” they go directly to an automated Visa screening. Technology like this is what the development of the world needs to see. PassRight allows companies to hire foreign talent that might have been turned away otherwise. This inclusive B2B process is making leaps and bounds in the realm of inclusion and technology.

The Expense of Immigration Can Be Lessened With Artificial Intelligence

Immigration can be quite costly, which leads people to be discouraged from becoming citizens and applying to go through the process. This can be combatted with systems like PassRight that are far more reasonable because of the technology they use and the speediness of their process.

“Our computer algorithms are built for your success,” says CTO, Gal Talmor.

PassRight wants US immigrants to succeed throughout the process by making it as automated, user-friendly and inexpensive as possible. Future potential citizens may be driven away by the cost and time it takes to go through the immigration process. This is an issue that humans have faced for years. This is why there is a need for companies to incorporate machine learning into these kinds of transactions.

A future with artificial intelligence is something we should embrace in every industry that we can. The future will hold inclusion and cost-friendly processes with the much-needed automation that this industry is bringing. Companies like PasssRight are embracing the technology that can make the world a better place for citizens and future immigrants.