Executive Team

Denise McGettrick
Denise McGettrick is the Chief Legal Officer of PassRight. She is also the owner of the law firm McGettrick Law PLLC. PassRight provides the technology that powers this website and much of McGettrick Law’s practice. She believes that using PassRight’s technology allows her law firm to more effectively and efficiently serve its clients. She lives in Texas with her husband and three children, two of which are on the autism spectrum. Her decision to practice immigration law was motivated by her great grandparents, who were Mexican immigrants. She is grateful that her family was able to start over in Texas and wants to help others do the same. McGettrick attended law school at DePaul University in Chicago, where she represented asylum seekers at DePaul’s immigration clinic. Her time there caused her to move into business immigration and in 2015, she became Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. After working at Shop Immigration, she was offered the position of Chief Legal Officer at PassRight, an opportunity she welcomed due to her keen interest in legal technology. A firm believer that the intersection of law and technology is the future, she feels that law must catch up to technology and wants to be a part of the process of bridging this gap. McGettrick wants PassRight to be a national brand associated with immigration law services that bring convenience, trust, expertise, empathy and accuracy into one space. She is in awe of the immigrant drive for success despite the fear, anxiety and trepidation felt among them, and wants to help those who wish to start a new life, business or identity in America. “I meet amazing people in my profession and I am better for having interacted with the best and brightest that the world has to offer.”
Liran Rosenfeld
Liran Jakob Rosenfeld is the CEO of PassRight and hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. His role is to oversee the execution of the company’s vision by talent recruiting, fundraising, marketing and problem solving. Rosenfeld created Shop Immigration Inc, a platform for immigration law services aimed at reducing legal fees and processing time. He was inspired by the difficulty he experienced with the immigration process when he first relocated to the U.S. in 2016 to promote his new startup company, describing the journey as, “baffling, agonizing and costly.” Rosenfeld’s career began when he opened up a boutique hotel in Buenos Aires, eventually expanding into a network of 3,600 hostels in Latin America. A self-described “passionate serial entrepreneur,” Rosenfeld has founded and sold several businesses in the advertising and hospitality sectors, including Roomixer and Reservations International Holdings. His mission is to establish PassRight as the biggest software development company and immigration brand in the world, serving b2b companies, attorneys and consumers. With experience and expertise in management, sales, web tech, social media, customer acquisition and retention, Rosenfeld prides himself on taking action. “While everyone talks, I follow up on my dreams,” he said.
Mathias Caldas
CTO and R&D Leader, with vast experience in the SAAS, Cloud and Mobile industries. Doer. Loves The Hard Things About Hard Things. An enthusiast for the latest technologies. Mobile Apps expert. I love building highly scalable platforms from scratch. With 15 years of experience in field and more than 10 in the startup scene, knows how to lead to success and be ready for it.
Joanna Bobel
Director of Customer Success
Joanna Bobel is employed by Denise McGetrrick PLLC as the director of customer success at PassRight. Bobel is in charge of the happiness of all our customers. Having suffered the hardships of immigration on her own skin, Bobel is determined to help her customers have a better & more transparent journey. Previously to joining PassRight, Bobel has been a paralegal at an immigration law firm in San Diego and prior to that, she served as a project manager at Deutsche Bank for over 6 years. Bobel is passionate about her work and she is the bridge between our applicants and the attorneys & paralegals that are helping our customers. Bobel has a masters degree in law & administration and comes from Warsaw, Poland.
Alejandro Fernandes
Alejandro is a full-stack engineer who takes a wide view of the whole system, he strives to provide the customer with an effective form of problem solving, in order to develop the idea to its fullest potential.
Vadim Lee
CMO - Cheif Marketing Officer
He holds a BSc in Management and Computer Science from the Technion. Since 2010, Vadim has been primarily involved in building strategies, managing campaigns and analyzing effectiveness. Vadim deals mainly with the analysis, ROI, information systems, complex strategies, growth hacking, content publication, email marketing, operator of multiple bots as well as Adwords & FB revenue management.
Leonardo Storchevoy
Cheif Strategist & US Immigration Attorney
Head of Warsaw office. 20 years experience in immigration law specializing in O-1 and EB-1 categories
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Lawrence Jones
Legal Specialist - Customer service - Case Writer
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Anna Ptaszynska
Legal specialist and case writer
Piotr Messerszmidt
Legal Specialist - Customer service - Case Writer
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Anna Korbus
Legal specialist and case writer