PassRight was designed as a powerful marketing tool specifically for Immigration Lawyers. It is the ONLY legitimate marketplace for immigration services in the U.S. Our platform cares about each and every customer and creates a win-win situation for both immigration attorneys and immigrants. Our goal is to create trust in quality immigration services.

Since the creation of the platform, we are getting a rapidly increasing number of leads from qualified potentials who can become YOUR clients. By our carefully drafted questionnaire, we aim to get you the best customers.

Normally, lawyers spend thousands of dollars on marketing to become visible on the web. With PassRight, we are doing it for you FREE OF CHARGE.

Our Philosophy


Customers love transparency. They want to have a convenient way to get information about immigration lawyers’ background, services, costs, and read client testimonials, all in one place. Having this information readily available creates trust.

Having this information visible to potentials saves your precious time. When potential customers contact you through our platform, they already know the price for your legal services and are serious about starting a case with you.


Attorney representation on our site is completely FREE. You don’t have to spend anything on your marketing. By participation in PassRight, you gain online exposure of your services free of charge. Only if the customer finds you on our platform and retains your services, we charge a flat platform fee for each case.


We are not working with all immigration attorneys in the U.S. Representation on our platform is by invitation-only. By our careful selection process, we are approaching only the best attorneys in the immigration field who care about their customers and provide quality services.


Tired of answering countless questions from free riders who are not serious about hiring you?

Using our Smart Questionnaire, we are screening potentials and delivering you high profile customers and their detailed background in a very convenient format.

Summary of The Process

  • Your profile has to contain the services you offer and their fixed rates.
  • All prices are fixed and include RFE’s. You can choose to add extras.
  • You need to specify if you offer Money Back Guarantee and on which types of cases.
  • Customers complete our Smart Questionnaire.
  • The online application collects their background information and registers them with the site.
  • Once a customer decides to hire you, you will receive a service request via email.
  • You can get hiring requests.
  • You can choose who you’d like to work with.
  • You may upload your attorney-customer agreement to your profile.
  • You don’t have to take the job if you are busy and you can change your availability at any time.
  • You may decide the number of payments for all cases, or per each type of service. You can edit your payment preferences in your profile.
  • Registered users may apply for Money Back Guarantee (MBG) and it will be your decision whether to offer it in a particular case or not.
  • You may charge up to 30% extra for Money Back Guarantee cases.
  • As a general rule, if there is any conduct of the client involved or information not disclosed to the attorney or not known to the client that led to the denial or if there are unforeseen events such as background checks, admin processing, it would void the money back guarantee.

Terms And Conditions

You agree to:

  • Give a 15-minute free consultation to our customers approaching you.
  • You may decide to accept or decline a job.
  • PassRight charges a platform fee per each case.
  • Let PassRight charge its customers online and forward you the money for your service.
  • Payment flexibility is recommended. Allow at least 3 payments for on-site transactions (and up to 12).

Terms And Conditions for Attorneys