Immigration to the U.S. is considered as the most painstaking process amongst all the countries due to the never-ending documentation, months of preparation for visiting/moving to the U.S. and then interviewing with immigration officials. You might be a student on an F-1 Visa, a tourist/business professional seeking a B-1/B-2 Visa, a potential O-1 Visa artist, an H-1 B candidate, a marriage visa and green card petitioner or an L-1 Visa applicant looking to make your permanent /temporary residence in the U.S. Either way you will have to complete your visa application and go through the USCIS in order to obtain your desired visa type.

Consult an Immigration attorney in Los Angeles

If you are planning to make a visit or move to Los Angeles, it is advisable to seek some professional advice such as consultation from an immigration attorney based in Los Angeles to increase your chances of obtaining your desired visa type. Immigration to Los Angeles is common among students, artists in the entertainment sector such as directors, producers, actors, professional workers on a business trip or tourists. People often fall in love with the city and want to gain the status of immigrants.

Consult an immigration attorney in LA for immigration to LA

Los Angeles is also named as the creative capital of the world since the number of artists, writers, directors, actors, musicians, dancers working and living in the city outnumber this profession as compared to any other city in the US. Apart from the cultural heritage and the international significance of the city, LA is also known for its glamorous Hollywood neighborhood and it is considered as the home of entertainment and talent attracting tourists from across the globe. In addition, the city is also known for its attractive locations and globally acclaimed events that are hosted in the city like the Oscars and the Grammys. LA also hosts the Annual Academy Awards and it is also the home for the USC Cinematic School of Arts, the oldest, most renowned and acclaimed film school in the U.S. which has produced some of the Oscar-winning directors, producers, and writers. Most nonimmigrants have to move back to their own city due to the visa expiration. With correct guidance and right solutions to the visa queries from the immigration attorney in Los Angeles, nonimmigrants don’t necessarily have to depend on their luck for staying in the country.

Marriage Visa is an alternate

Apart from consulting an immigration attorney in Los Angeles, another option that most non-immigrants consider the easiest is to move to the U.S. by getting married to a U.S. citizen and obtaining marriage visa or a green card. This is not the best option, as often times, nonimmigrants marry a citizen for a change of visa status. If the marriage is unsuccessful, it can turn stressful psychologically and it might also become a legal issue.

Marriage Visa

The U.S citizen has to file Form I-130, which is referred to as the Petition for Alien Relative in order to apply for marriage Visa for their spouse. The petitioner is also required to produce sufficient evidence proving their relationship with the alien spouse. Once USCIS has received the form, they process the form and the petition and send a receipt notice to the applicant. USCIS later sends a biometrics invitation and a letter declaring their decision. Once, the petitioner’s documents proving their relation with the spouse are approved, the next step would be for the spouse to apply for an immigrant visa or a change of status.