PassRight has helped hundreds of founders obtain the O-1 Visa or even the EB-1 or EB-2 Green Card. This page shows some of our founder testimonials. Foreign founders understand foreign founders and are open to sharing their experience with PassRight and the overall relocation journey.

Felipe Abello
Founder & CEO at HelloGuru

After a lot of research, I decided to work with Passright to obtain my O-1 visa to be able to work and live in the United States. From my interactions with them, I found that they were always quick to respond to my requests, and the process towards obtaining my visa went very smoothly. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to obtain a visa to work in the United States.

David Parunakian
Data Team Lead
at Phantom Auto

In my experience, PassRight has proven to be a strong and competent partner. They have guided me during the whole process of the O-1A visa acquisition, and while I don’t have much experience with other law firms to compare against, they have definitely met and exceeded my personal expectations. The price for their service is also very reasonable and the payment structure is convenient. 10/10, highly recommended.

Eduardo Mylonas da Silva
Product Design Manager
at AE Studio

I have recently used Passright for my O1 visa and their job was fantastic.

From the preliminary assessment, they were very thorough and provided a recommendation of the best visa for me.

Through each step of the process, they had an answer to each and all questions we had that allowed me to achieve goals.

Until the very last interview, when they prepared me perfectly.

And finally, and maybe most importantly, the final interview at the consulate was very smooth and short because the package they prepared was strong and thorough.

Additionally, everybody with whom I interacted was very kind and responsive. Special thanks to Piotr and Agustina!

Passright is an excellent partner!

Jack Cui
CEO at Yummy Future Inc.

Great job of handling cases and filing petitions.

Marisa Chentakul
Product Designer at TikTok

I worked closely with Martyna and Augusta and they are amazing! The team is very patient, engaged, and knowledgable in the tech industry sector.

I recommended Passright to all my close friends! They also are having a great experience so far 🙂

Gil Finkelstein
Head of Design at Openbase

This email just made my day, week, and month altogether!

“Hi Gil,

I hope you are having a great week. I have great news for you – your I-140 Application has been approved! Congratulations. See below the email confirmation. The hard copy of the approval notice will arrive at our office in the mail.

The EB1A is a highly restrictive visa classification – USCIS issues only a very limited number of EB-1 visas (first preference) for the top 1% of best experts worldwide. With a general approval rate of less than 50%, getting this classification is a considerable feat! The whole team is happy for you and we hope that you will be able to continue your amazing work in the United States as a permanent resident.
Gil! This is an amazing achievement. EB-1A is also called “Einstein Visa”. The whole team is happy for you!”

My journey from Israel to the United States was handled and managed by the amazing team of PassRight! 
From my first O1 Visa to this achievement, The team were doing everything to take me by hand at every step, explained, and help all the way.  
I have the pleasure of working with you, and knowing such a professional group of people!

Thank you so much Piotr, Anna, Agustina, Joanna, and the team

Zahid Mohammadi
Co-founder & CEO
at Pivotal B2B

Thanks PassRight and the Team for helping me get approved for O1A. I highly recommend PassRight. It has been an amazing experience to work with this Firm on my O1 Visa.

Sharath Kuruganty
Head of Community at Threado

Folks at PassRight are incredibly caring, persistent and responsive. They made me feel confident about my O1 case and paid utmost attention. They crafted my petition like a story which I believe made a strong case in front of USCIS.

The other thing I love about Anna, Agustina is the service-first mindset they carry. They went one extra mile every single time and helped me secure my O1. I’m grateful I picked PassRight and I highly highly recommend it to immigrant founders who live in the US!

Michelle Marcelline
Co-Founder at Typedream

PassRight’s team is amazing! Their process is very clear and easy to follow, they respond to your inquiries in a timely manner, and they go above and beyond to strengthen your case.

Update: I got my O-1A visa with PassRight’s help and I just got my EB-1A (I-140 stage) approved! Amazing.

Baljit Singh
Co-founder at Simbo.AI

Amazing team. Helped me through out the process. I really liked their support through out the process. The team was responsive, patient and were very transparent in the process. Helped me finally my application approved. Highly recommend them.

Nageswari Yarravarapu, PhD
Glycobiologist at Vector Laboratories

Passright has provided me incredible immigration services for both EB1A and O-1 applications. Many reputed Law firms have told me that I don’t have a strong profile. Joanna Bobel, Piotr Messerszmidt and Augustina Navarro have helped me believe in myself and facilitated to make my dreams come true. Highly recommend their services for O1 and EB1A applications.

Alex Wu
Founder at Kanda Industries

PassRight is absolutely a killer team in O1 application. They are incredibly professional and clear about the process of O1 application. From your assigned advisor to CEO, their team is always available whenever you have questions or require advice for certain steps. Even despite serious urgency, they handled my case with peak professionalism. I want to especially thank Anna Ptaszynska, Agustina Navarro and Joanna Bobel for helping me achieve success with O1. I will definitely continue working with PassRight for my EB1 or EB2 and recommend anyone else looking for O1 to choose the same. You will be in the best hands.

Niv Calderon
VP Of Partnerships
at HeroX

Thank you for a great service. Worth every moment and every dollar spent.

Christopher Frank
CEO at
Tallyos France

PassRight has been great helping me with my application. They have guided me through the process and supported me at each step of the process. I highly recommend them! Thanks again for your help!!!

Stepan Aslanyan
CEO at Hexact

The PassRight team is really amazing. They were super-patient with me, everything was super organized, and successful! I will definitely work with them again. Special thanks to Martyna for her patience in dealing with me!

Maria Gabriela Cardenas
Award-Winning Director, Producer, Writer

I had a great experience working with Anna Ptaszynska, Joanna Bobel and the entire Passright team. They were really helpful building up my case for the EB1A and after all the hard work it got approved!! If you hire this team, I assure you you’re in good hands!

Bilyana Freye
Co-Founder & CEO at Orbiit

Amazing service, true professionalism – responsive, fast, helpful. Got the approval in the most hassle-free way, totally recommend!

Maria Dyshel
Co-Founder & CEO at
Tangible AI

PassRight provide amazing service. It took me time to gather all the documentation necessary for my O1 petition. They were super-patient with me, always gave me great and spot-on advice, and made the stressful process of preparing the application much more organized, structured, predictable, and most important of all – successful! I chose them between several options and would definitely work with them again. Special thanks to the awesome Paula Stanczuk who curated my case!

Trevor Shim
Co-Founder at Porter

PassRight is incredible – they’re one of the only few law firms that genuinely care about each of their clients and go the extra mile to ensure the best outcome for you. They were able to get my EB1-A approved in just two months. They truly know the ins and outs of the application process and will guide you through every step of the way. They will always choose the path that serves your interest best, not the path that’s easier for them to take. Especially if you are a startup founder, PassRight is definitely the move. I cannot recommend it more. Piotr is amazing!

Megha Agarwal
Co-founder, CEO at Neon

Working with PassRight has been amazing! They take the utmost care in preparing a visa petition, which is especially helpful when applying for O-1 or EB-1 categories. We interacted with several people on their team — Agustina, Joanna, Martyna, and Piotr. And all of them were super helpful and kind. They were quick to respond to our questions and were always available when we needed them. The process of applying for a visa or a green card can be super stressful and you need someone who’s got your back. PassRight helped us navigate the entire process easily, and went above and beyond. We always felt like we knew what we were doing and what the next steps were. Having worked with several immigration firms in the past, I can confidently say that the PassRight team is the very best at what they do. Highly recommend them!

Sergey Kozlov
CEO and Co-Founder at Passteam

To say honestly, my experience with getting O-1A visa wasn’t smooth. I had all additional challenges that I could have in that process (RFE and Administration processing), but what is important that on each step a got professional support from Anna Ptaszynska. We got my Visa in Warsaw US embassy, so we with my wife had a chance to meet with PassRight team in person, so it is incredible team with a bunch of expertise in this field.

Meytar Sorek-Hamer
Manager and Research Scientist at NASA Ames research center

Super professional, responsive, transparent and great to work with. Highly recommend !!

Gautam Tata
Software Engineer at Salesforce

Passright’s team (Thank you Anna, Joanna and Agustina) is amazing! They know the process for the O1 and EB1 inside and out. They’ve helped me for 6 straight months, answering my questions and helping guide me through the process. The way they are different than most lawyers in this space is due to them helping you with certain aspects of the application to help with getting your petition approved. Highly recommend them for your next immigration petition!

Ahmed Mohamed
Humanitarian Aid Professional

I woud like to thank the team in PassRight especially Martyna & Piotr on building a strong case for me to be accepted for my EB1-A visa. The team was very dedicated and worked hard for 6 months to get everything ready. Highly recommended for EB1A & O1 Visas.

Audrey Kabla
Co-Founder at Epykomène

Thank you to Joana, Piotr, Paola and Agustina and the entire Passright team for their outstanding work and their support. It started as a quick process and because of Covid everything was slowed. They never gave up and put their best in a dream coming true for us. They are very human, super reactive and hard workers. I can only recommend you to choose them. ???????????????????????????????????????? merci merci merci

René Louis Delrieux
Product Manager & Managing Director at DTFH Deutsches Fondshaus

Passright hat meine Erwartungen im Zusammenhang mit meinem US-Visa bei weitem übertroffen. Nach monatelanger Zusammenarbeit in der Vorbereitung bis zum Einreichen meines Antrags, kamen rund 1.200Seiten zusammen und mein “Case was approved”. Die Mitarbeiter waren stets sehr zuverlässig und kompetent. Auch das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis war mehr als nur fair. Ich würde es jedem empfehlen, der US-Visa-Angelegenheiten klären und bearbeiten möchte.

(Translated by Google) Passright far exceeded my expectations for my US visa. After months of cooperation in the preparation up to the submission of my application, around 1,200 pages came together and my “case was approved”. The employees were always very reliable and competent. The price-performance ratio was more than just fair. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to clarify and process US visa matters.

Mind Apivessa
Product Designer at Facebook

Piotr and the Passright team’s support throughout the application process was world-class — clear and responsive communication on action items and strategy. Highly recommend working with the team!

Maxence Bouygues
Product Manager at Forethought

By FAR the best immigration solution I ever had.
Major Immigraion attorneys working with GAFA companies refused to work on m petitions multiple times, or claimed month of delays when Passright could pull-it in weeks.

With Passright, I got my my O1 visa approved and my Green Card EB1a approved in record times, no RFI, which saved me years of hassle.

Besides, the team is extremely friendly and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them. They responded to my hundreds of questions, emails and phone calls in less than 24hours every time.

There are very few companies that I can recommend as warmly as Passright.

Taha Zinifi
Group Product Manager at Project44

Great team, very professional and responsive. I’ve been turned down my many “traditional” US law firms but PassRight helped me defend my case in the most efficient way.

Solenne Regourd
 Head of Amelia Green

Passright’s team is very professional, diligent and fast. I fully recommend them and would definitely work with them again if I have a need for it.

Michelle Marcelline
Co-Founder at Typedream

PassRight’s team is amazing! Their process is very clear and easy to follow, they respond to your inquiries in a timely manner, and they go above and beyond to strengthen your case.

Gerrit Rindermann
Director Of Engineering at Lambs

I had an absolute great experience with PassRight. Everyone was very helpful and most importantly everything worked out flawlessly. Thank you 🙂

Santhakumari Sankaran
Founder at FixNix, Inc.

Joanna and PassRight team (Piotr, Rohit) will make sure to pass you till the case becomes right.
Despite an RFE and complexity, the team meticulously executed our O1 petition.

Minh-Chung Hoang
Minh-Chung Hoang
Director of Avionics at

PassRight is very professional and capable! They get things done! My case, from preparation to submission and approval, took about 2 months.At the beginning, the CEO of PassRight took her time to evaluate my case and explained what potentially needs to be done. Everything was planned out before we started, down to details. We had weekly meeting to ensure milestones are met.Besides, my point of contact has been very helpful and accessible. He is always on time and answered every question with professionalism and experience.

Would recommend to any startup founder who are applying for O1A visa!

Robert Myrsäter
Robert Myrsäter
Co-Founder, Design Director
at Myrsäter Group

I had a great experience working with PassRight. Piotr and Joanna are extremely professional and always responsive. Highly recommend!

Kevin Chandra
Kevin Chandra
Co-Founder and CEO at

I used PassRight to get my O1A and they were amazing right from the preparation stages until it was approved. Currently using them to apply for my Green Card filing.

Madhav Jha
Madhav Jha
Machine Learning Engineer
at Dropbox

Paula, Joanna and the whole PassRight team were super professional. They respond always in a timely manner and offer all the information we need to know. Their service made our application process very smooth! Highly recommend!

Snehaal Dhruv
Snehaal Dhruv
CEO & Founder at
Superfan Studio – Your Metaverse Partner

Patient, Knowledgable, Prompt & Partner!
PassRight has been an amazing choice to pursue my O1A & now Green card filling. Almost a year working with them and hands down wouldn’t change a thing. They have been patient with the process, always knowledgable and willingness to find answers, prompt in responses & they really partner with you through the process.

Oliane Piana
Oliane Piana
Growth Management & Marketing

Paula, Joanna and the whole PassRight team were amazing in the entire process on my application for an O1. Through their guidance in the process, they made it much easier to understand and organize. They are super responsive which is re-assuring in such processes ! Thanks !

Dan Hnatkovskyy
Dan Hnatkovskyy
CEO and Co-founder at Propertymate

USCIS finally confirmed that I’m extraordinary ???? In general, that was a long and challenging journey.
This wouldn’t be possible without PassRight and Martyna, who helped me to apply, collect all documents, and organize the process in the right way.
Huge thanks!

Ruming Z.
Ruming Z.
Product Manager at Workstream

When you think of law/immigrations firms, you think of pain, struggle to get help and slow responses, it’s not the case for PassRight. I have had the best legal/immigrations service in my career so far here, that started with people who care about me and my case, and ended with a great result. There is literally nothing I can ask more from a legal/immigrations team. I have also made many friends here, in particular I’d like to thank Piotr for his tremendous care, help, support and friendship.

Laura Theveniau
Laura Theveniau
Co-Founder at BlueCargo

Piotr and the whole PassRight team were amazing! The quality of my applications (O1 + EB1a) was excellent and they are super responsive! You will be in good hands with them!

Vinicius Neris
Vinicius Neris
Co-Founder at inEvent

PassRight was amazing during the whole process. It’s the best option to get your O-1 visa.

Sebastian Jimenez
Sebastian Jimenez
Founder at Rillavoice

They made a complicated process simple. They were an incredible pleasure to work with, and made everything clear. At every step of the way. Piotr, Joanna and the entire team are incredibly responsive, and they really know what they’re doing. They’ve got the process for applying and getting approved for an O1 Visa down to a science. I will literally refer anyone who’s a highly skilled tech worker or startup founder to them so they can take care of them. They truly are what I would call a world class customer success team.

James Pratama
James Pratama
  Co-Founder at Alohop

Working with PassRight has been the single most important initiative we’ve done in our startup. Everything hinges on being able to continue operating in the US and they were able to help us do just that. Piotr and the team were incredible detailed and responsive throughout our engagement in receiving the O1 visa. If you are a startup founder, working with PassRight will be a game changer.

Krishna Singhal
Krishna Singhal
MRI/Medical Device Safety

I am highly impressed about Passright helping me to get the approval for my O visa! They prepared my case in less than 3 months with a great understanding of my specialized field and work. They went the extra mile to make sure my profile fits the criteria. I got approval in a timely manner without RFE! I would definitely recommend PassRight to everyone going through the O visa process.

Gaurav Nisar
Gaurav Nisar
Co-Founder at

I have had exceptional experience with PassRight. They helped me with my EB1-A green card application. Piotr was my point of contact. He was super thorough with all the documentation, patiently answered all my questions and was quick at following up. Would definitely recommend them.

Liesel Vaidya
Liesel Vaidya
Co-Founder and CTO
at Leda Health

They know what they’re doing, early stage founder friendly and got my petition approved within a few days 🙂

Sanath Kumar Ramesh
Sanath Kumar Ramesh
  Founder and CEO
at Open Treatments Foundation

PassRight’s team have been nothing short of brilliant. I will 100% recommend PassRight to everyone! Having gone through multiple immigration debacles, I understand the nuances and difficulties. PassRight helped craft an EB1a application working with me through several months, gathering novel pieces of evidences, and submitting a rather thorough application. I love their speed of response and their attention to detail. I could always count on their team to answer my countless questions. Going in, I fully understood the rationale they would use in application so I can suggest changes/tweaks. They deeply understood my area of expertise and crafted the application without any boilerplate or incoherent content (other law firms use a ton of boilerplate language). I felt the final application truly reflected not only my application but my potential.

Romy Lynch
Romy Lynch
Co-Founder and COO
at Quorum

I had an amazing experience with PassRight! These people are complete experts and super helpful, they answer every single question you have and are really really supportive. Thanks to them I was able to get an O1 Visa with no RFE

Piyush Agrawal
Piyush Agrawal

I am an entrepreneur and product management professional. I recently applied for EB1A with help from PassRight. I was very impressed by their service and the quality of the drafts prepared by them. They were quite responsive to any queries I had from time to time and pro-actively kept me updated about the application status. I was able to get the petition approved without any attorney representation while working with PassRight. Highly recommended.

Dwayne Samuels
Dwayne Samuels
Founder and CEO
at Samelogic

PassRight is the most professional legal firm I’ve worked with. They’re extremely thorough, timely and are help with every single step of the process. As a founder I don’t know an immigration firm that I can recommend more. It’s no surprise that because of their thoroughness my O-1A was approved quickly. I look forward to working with them again for any employee we may hire which qualifies for the O-1A.

Jessica Reyneke
Jessica Reyneke
Head of Data and Analytics
at Know Analytics

PassRight did an amazing job helping me to get an O1 visa and made the process way better for me. Not only they helped me to understand that how I can qualify but they also guided me on how I can make my case stronger through additional memberships or judging. My case manager, Piotr, was quick to answer my questions and explained things step by step. As a result, they created an 800-pages long well-written case that got approved in less than 15 days! This a definitely the new way of immigration service that is helping to deal with the stressful process of getting a work visa or green card! I 100% recommend them and will definitely be using their help again in the future to get my green card.

Sonia Hurtado
Sonia Hurtado
Co-Founder and CSO
at Kuleana

I got my O-1 visa with the help of the PassRight team. It took 2-3 months to prepare everything and once we submitted an application it was a matter of days to have the approval. They have always been super attentive and following all the process accurately, paying attention to all details, making sure I understood everything, giving good advice, being aware of possible issues that might show up, ensuring the process would be successful until the moment I had my visa on hand. I strongly recommend them! 🙂

Pranay Prakash
Pranay Prakash
Founder at Windsor

They helped me get my O-1. The lawyer on my case was extremely pleasant to work with and they was really proactive in helping me figure out steps I could take to further strengthen my case.

Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan
Co-Founder and CTO at Merxius

Starting off the new year on a good note, I’m excited to share that I got my O-1 visa approved after a couple of hiccups and delays! This was possible thanks to a lot of people so I want to thank them all publicly.

Vaishali Neotia for being a steadfast co-founder at Merxius. Rajesh Iyengar for recommending and connecting me with the fantastic Joanna Bobel at PassRight who were with me every step of the process.

Martyna Ostapczuk went above and beyond to make sure my application would go through despite all challenges.

The fantastic Anil Advani who should be the default option of Indian startups looking to set up in the US.

Basavaraja Uddajjara Shanthappa
Basavaraja Uddajjara Shanthappa
Research Associate IV at Caris Life Sciences

I am a cancer researcher from India. I asked Passright to prepare my EB1 green card petition. This is a highly restrictive category so it was important for me that the case is well-written and prepared by experienced specialists. They created a complex strategy for my case and guided me to make sure I meet all possible criteria. This resulted in a top-quality 800 pages long petition which was approved by USCIS after only 10 days! 100% strongly and honestly recommend Passright.

Gokul Anandayuvaraj
Gokul Anandayuvaraj
Rocket Scientist and Entrepreneur

I am a senior technology executive from India specializing in the drone sector. Just recently, I got my EB1-A approved with PassRight, with no attorney representation. The team navigated me through the whole process, drafted excellent documents supporting my case, and guided me on the development of my profile to boost my chances for approval. Don’t hesitate to get their support!

Joshua Aguilar
Joshua Aguilar
Author “The Millionaire of Silicon Valley”

If you are thinking about relocating to the US, PassRight is the best choice you can make. I reached out to them after my friend’s recommendation. The support and client service I received from the PassRight team was above and beyond what I could have asked for. PassRight assisted me with obtaining an O-1 visa the whole process took only two months and I got my decision after a month. The team was honest, efficient, and trustworthy. They were always easy to reach and went out of their way to keep me updated on my status and responsibilities as a client. I would recommend PassRight to anyone. Thank you for guiding me through the complicated immigration process as an Author and Startup Founder!

Galla Pupel
Galla Pupel
Founder at Pure Metrics

Passright helped me to get my O-1 visa and I highly recommend them. They are qualified, dedicated and passionate and they will take a good care of your application.
I am so thankful to Paula, Joanna, Liran and the whole team who have done an amazing job on my case. Do not hesitate, they are the best option!

Pablo Ferreiro
Pablo Ferreiro
Founder at Nord Learn