Immigration to the US

Reasons why the O-1 Visa is a much better choice than the E2 for Tech Founders

January 31, 2020 by Prabalta Rijal

us visa application process

For Entrepreneurs and Tech founders choosing the right visa can be rather complicated, especially if one has to make the right choice since unlike other countries there really are no visas dedicated specifically for startups in the US. Nevertheless, the O-1 Visa and the E-2 Visa over the years have…

Getting Hired the PassRight way

December 2, 2019 by Prabalta Rijal

Getting Hired the PassRight way

Looking for a job is never easy, no matter how qualified and experienced you are. Walking out of your comfort zone and moving to a new country without a job, is like catch 22. At PassRight we understand your dilemma and that is why we work closely with our investors…

Over 90 percent of O-1 visas approved in 2019 despite the rise in RFEs

November 25, 2019 by Prabalta Rijal

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2019 has seen a surge in the acceptance of O-1 visas as compared to the 30,259 O-1 visas granted in 2018. But with the rise of visa acceptance the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services has revealed that the requests for evidence (RFE) and denials have also increased. Although, not at…

O-1 Visa Applicants Immigrating to the U.S. Can Make Their Own Independence Day

July 8, 2019 by Annette Palmer

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Summer is in full bloom in the United States. The red, white and blue is also waving proud on the flags of every business and many homes across the country in celebration of America’s 243rd Independence Day. Many immigrants and foreign nationals around the world long to come to the…