As the COVID-19 grips the United States, Trump administration has been busy further tightening their immigration policy, making moving and working in the US may seem like a far fetched dream. Especially now with the travel bans to and from most parts of the world effective and the USCIS offices closed.

This however, does not change the fact that the country is in dire need of emigrants in the tech and business sectors. So, once this situation mellows down in a couple of weeks you may want to consider applying for the O-1 visa.

Applying for the O-1 Visa amidst COVID-19 crisis:

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Getting onboard our O-1 Visa program is easy as all you need to do is go to our website and click on the “See if you qualify” icon. Then fill up a short questionnaire. 

Once the questionnaire has been filled, a PassRight employee will schedule a call with the O-1 Visa hopeful or her to speak about the process and further evaluate if the O-1 Visa petition can be started immediately. 

Sometimes, candidates fail to meet at least three of the eight O-1 Visa criteria and therefore are advised to join our O-1 Visa guidance program.
Candidates who do pass our evaluation round will sign up for one of our O-1 Visa packages that suits them best.

O-1 Visa Petition Preparation

Once the candidate has chosen the O-1 visa package that suits their needs the most. The O-1 Visa candidates will be working closely with the assigned Legal consultant and an immigration lawyer. Their personal Legal consultant with the help of the immigration lawyer will prepare their petition and send it to the USCIS.

The whole procedure takes up to ten weeks if everything goes as planned but these days due to the lockdowns in many countries collecting evidence to prove one’s case may prove difficult.

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According to a PassRight consultant, collecting evidence is the most time-consuming part of the whole application process. “Collecting evidence and drafting and getting all the letters signed, confirming our client’s achievements, takes time. Also, for each petition we must provide letters confirming awards and memberships, as well as judging and expert opinions from renowned experts in the given client’s field of endeavor,” says the consultant.

Petition Preparation Timeline due to the COVID-19 

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Generally, our O-1 Visa petitions take about 10 weeks to complete, however, due to the serious situation around the globe these days there may be a slight delay in the Petition preparation timeline, so if you do want to move to the US in October or even December this may be the right time to start your process as we cannot be certain about how much time it could take one to collect all the evidence required for the case, with offices and organizations closed or on emergence operation modem things like getting letter approved and signed may actually take longer than anticipated. 

Due to this the exact timeline is difficult to tell and may vary from case to case. 

Pricing and packages for founders

To find out more about how long your case preparation may take, contact us:

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