“We believe that everyone who sets out in search of greener pastures is embarking upon an adventurous journey of a lifetime”. 

Leaving the job you already have for something that hasn’t yet materialised, is a life-changing risk surrounded by red flags. For many, it’s a challenge that they are not willing to take because there is so much at stake.

At PassRight we understand your concern. Our CEO has been where you are today, and as a team, we understand how difficult the decision to relocate is, regardless of what may be waiting for you on the other side. We understand how immensely frustrating and costly applying for an O-1 Visa can be and this is why we as your relocation partner, we walk with you throughout the whole immigration, and job search process.

Our process is transparent and today we would like to take you through each step of our O-1 Visa application and relocation.

Step of our O-1 Visa application and relocation

Step of our O-1 Visa application and relocation

Step 1: The onboarding process for O-1 Visa

Getting onboard our O-1 Visa process is fairly easy. Visit our website, click on the ‘See if you qualify’ icon, and fill up a short questionnaire. It’s 100% private and free to check your eligibility for the O-1 Visa. 

Once you’ve filled up the questionnaire a member of our team will schedule a call with you in order to evaluate if we can immediately begin with your O-1 Visa petition or if we will have to place you in our incubator program, in which we help you develop your profile to meet the O-1 criteria. 

We also offer a full sponsorship and financing of the relocation costs to Software Engineers, developers and startup founders but also Bio Technicians, Researchers (Ph.D Holders), Scientists of all kinds and Mathematicians. 

Step 2: Choosing your unique, specialized plan

We believe that because all our clients have unique requirements the one plan/package for all is a concept that we have discarded. So, you now have the power to choose a package or plan that meets your personal requirements. We give you the flexibility to choose whether you want to pay us upfront or if you would like to check if you qualify for our ISA program.

According to our Director for Operations and Customer Success Joanna Bobel, our clients now have two options to choose a package that fits their budget as we have now begun offering services with Attorney Representation and without Attorney Representation.  

And what’s the difference you ask?

Well, while talking about these packages, Joanna stated that the package with attorney representation means that the head attorney will be more involved in the preparation of the case, the attorneys will be joining the calls and will be signing the form G-28 – representation before USCIS. “This representation is highly recommended for Green Card petitions, however, with O-1 Visa or B1/B2 extensions, as well as some other visa services, it is not mandatory but can be incorporated into the process if the client feels more confident with the representation.” 

Package 1: 
Preparation of cases Without Attorney Representation:

1) O-1 visa petitions 

2) B1/B2 extensions (if the expiration date is longer than 3 weeks)

O-1 visa – fees – $4500 + USCIS fees (shipping & printing fees included)

B1/B2 fees – $800 + USCIS fees (shipping & printing fees included)

Please note: Petitions like Eb-1A, Eb-2 NIW, E-2, B1/B2 extension (with an expiration date less than 3 weeks) will stay with attorney representation. 

Package 2: Preparation of Cases With Attorney Representation:


Legal fees – $6000 (shipping & printing fees included)

Eb1-A/EB-2 NIW 

I-140 – legal fees – $6500 (shipping & printing fees included)

I-485 – legal fees – $1500 (shipping & printing fees included)

+ USCIS fees


Legal fees – $6000 + US embassy/USCIS fees (shipping & printing fees included)


Legal fees – $1800 + USCIS fees & US embassy fees (shipping & printing fees included)

Payment Plans:

The total cost of our services for the O-1 Visa including sponsorship is $18K for our clients wanting to pay upfront which is excluding PR services. While clients who choose to join our ISA program will only begin paying us 17 percent of their total gross salary capped at 30K and 40K depending on the services they require after they have a job. The cap amount for our ISA program has been increased as we now extended our services and are proving more financing to also help with relocation costs such as the first 3 months of rent, flights, and temporary medical insurance and more.

Visa Payment

Step 3: Client Profile Building to meet the O-1 Visa Requirements job search and relocation

Once you are on board, our team will work closely with you to help you build your portfolio and we will provide guidance on how to collect necessary documents and proof to help you meet at least four of the eight O-1 Visa Criteria

The Legal Procedure and O-1 Visa Petition Preparation

Once you are onboard you are assigned to a personal immigration expert who will now work closely with you and the O-1 Visa attorney to prepare your petition and send it to the USCIS. The whole procedure takes up to ten weeks if go as planned and sometimes, it might just get delayed for various unforeseen reasons. 

According to one of our lead immigration experts Piotr Messerszmidt, the most time-consuming part of the whole application process I would say is collecting evidence. “Collecting evidence and drafting and getting all the letters signed, confirming our client’s achievements, takes time. Also, for each of the petition we must provide letters confirming the awards, memberships or judging and expert opinions from renowned experts in the client’s field of endeavour” he said.

Preparing the Petition is not an easy task and we cannot do it without you as you know more about yourself than we know about you. So, here are a few things we expect from you:

  • Commitment to the process and readiness to develop your profile. 
  • O-1 Visa petitions require a huge effort in collecting evidence documenting our client’s achievements. According to Piotr, although from our client’s perspective their accomplishments may be obvious, for the petition examiner the proof may not be substantial. Thus, we will need your patience and support in collecting all relevant evidence. So, you should be ready to commit some time on researching and sharing documents with us and contacting people who can attest to your prominence in the field. 

Like Piotr mentioned it is not always that what a client says can be proven and documented, which can delay the whole procedure especially if a client cannot meet the required criteria and fall short of evidence. “In such cases, other companies might give up. But, we work very differently and we do not limit ourselves to the information provided by the client, we look for the best ways possible to argue and present their case despite.” 

The O-1 Visa Petition Preparation Timeline

Our Collaboration with Zisa-Le PR Agency and how it helps O-1 Visa Applicants

Zisa-Le PR Agency
Visit Us here

In an effort to further enhance our services we work closely with a boutique PR Agency. We have been partnering with the agency to ensure that our clients get the media exposure they require for their various endeavours.

With direct links to over 50 major online media outlets globally, Zisa-Le offers our clients with an efficient, reliable and timely PR experience. From interviews to drafting articles, editing and publishing you can just leave it to them and they will get you the coverage you want at most affordable price.

Here are a few samples of their most recent publications with major media outlets:

Take a look at a few of these awesome numbers of shares and impressions for articles that were hardly published two months ago.

The secret sauce of collaboration
The secret behind a successful IT startup revealed
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