Great question! There is no short answer to this.  If you are an relocating your life to America, you are bound to get hassled by your lawyer. It’s really hard to hire an immigration lawyer. It’s virtually impossible to hire a lawyer from a far. Because its really hard to trust & pay large sums of money and have your future in the hands of a lawyer you don’t even know.

First you have to waist your time and arrive to a face to face meeting. Then you pay a consultation. Which you don’t always really need. Then, you will probably get a recommendation for how you should go about it.  The U.S Immigration services always offer more than 1 option. The more lawyers you’ll meet the more recommendations you’ll get. These are going to be conflicting recommendations. The result: more confusion. Once you make the hire, usually, it is not your lawyer who will write your case. It is an employee, a paralegal or someone who knows how to do it. This may bring you trouble. For example, if your case will get an RFE – A request for more evidence, you’re lawyer will now need to charge you more (because they did a bad job.) When you sign the attorney – client agreement – you won’t know this is going to happen to you. It’s not just about money. It’s about going through a calm procedure. I’m giving this as an example out of my own personal experience.

PassRight offers a unique service that changes the world for the better because it allows you to hire a reliable immigration lawyers with a full Money Back Guarantee. Meaning, the platform has your back. The platform gets you free consultations, a flexible payment plan and even financing for your legal hiring. Moreover, we help customers understand the fine print (we teach you to read the small letters) so you can grasp your real options. The business model PassRight has motivates us to really help you. While, the business model lawyers have is  to sell you one type of service they know how to provide fast and easy and even if its not the best thing for you.

Cutting out the Friction

If you go to a lawyer directly, you will find out the price of the legal hire during your talk with the lawyer. This makes no sense. Lawyers want to check your socio-economical status before they give you a price. Their excuse will be, we need to figure out how hard it will be to write your case, while in reality all cases are practically the same. PassRight is cutting down the friction. Meaning, it is the first service that shows immigration visas with fixed rates.

So you can easily compare between lawyers, read reviews and make a wise choice on who to hire.

As we all know, the only people who can tell you: “I charge 700$ per hour, are lawyers” this clearly makes no sense. Who makes 700$ per hour? And even more, who charges people with a salary of 2000$-5000$ per month a fee of 700$ per hour. This makes no sense in today’s economy. When immigrants come to hire immigration lawyers, they have to be EXTRA careful, otherwise they will be charged to too much. But its not only that, there are many lawyers who would recommend you a visa when you can get a Green Card.

Don’t interpret me to hate immigration lawyers, I’ve met the 1% of decent immigration attorneys and I work with them. Welcome to my world.