If you are a Bio-Tech Engineer/Professional, Software Engineer, Developer, Programmer or a Coder who loves to code than we are looking for you!

We have exciting news this month as we are now expanding our services to help biotech engineers and professionals relocate to the US on an O-1 visa

That’s right! you heard me right! After successfully processing visas and helping over a hundred tech professionals find new jobs in the US in the past 10 months,  we are now looking to help more professionals get their dream jobs in the silicon valley.  

Based on the research by ACT (The App Association), there are currently over 220,000 job openings in the US and this is far more than the number of qualified applicants in the country. However due to the bureaucratic immigration policy getting a job without a visa is impossible, this is where we step in, we not only help you with your visa but also help you find an employer because we truly believe in you and your past achievements.  This is why in order to make your relocation as smooth and as risk-free as possible we are willing to do it for you for free through our ISA program, in which one of our investors will invest in your relocation.

Want to know if you qualify? Visit us at lp.passright.com and we will arrange a free consultation with you. Or, if you know someone who might be a great fit, send us their referral and walk away with USD 500.

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If you are interested in applying for the O-1 Visa, contact us.