Filing Fees: $50-$130
Can Renew: Yes
Valid For: 3 years

Understanding the basics
The TN visa is part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and allows certain professionals from Mexico & Canada to work in the US for 3 years at a time. Although the application processes are different for Mexico & Canada, there is no cap on the TN visa & no limits on the number of extensions.

Supported benefits:

  • Completed DS-160 for Mexican Citizens & Consular Processing
  • Application packet for Border crossing in Mexico & Canada
  • Immigration Attorney support letter & G28
  • Supporting Document Translation
  • Academic 3rd Party Evaluation of Transcripts from University

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Filing Fees: $460
Can Renew: Yes, 1x
Valid For: 3 years

Understanding the basics
Bringing an executive, manager or specialized knowledge employee from a foreign office abroad to work in an office in the United States can be done using the L1 intracompany transfer visa. The L1 visa is unlimited with no cap. Many large companies qualify for “Blanket L1” to expedite the processing for L1 visas.

Supported benefits:

  • Premium Processing Support
  • I-129, G-1145, G-28 & more USCIS forms included
  • Support Letters from Employer Guidance
  • Dependents & Family members included
  • Consular processing
  • RFE –Additional representation with the USCIS if needed
  • Interview Prep & Support
  • L1 Blanket Applications for Qualified Corporations
  1. ATTORNEY’S FEES: Client agrees to pay for legal services as follows: Upon execution of the Agreement, Client pays non-refundable fee of $4500.00.
    The Amount described above does not include any personal appearances with the client in court, hearings or USCIS interviews, unless Expressly indicated above. The Amount also does not include responses to Requests for Evidence (RFEs).  In the event an RFE is issued by USCIS, client agrees to pay an additional $1000 to the Law Firm to draft and timely file the response.
    All Fees paid to the Attorney are Nonrefundable. If the Law Firm believes that Client’s case is eligible, after a full review of all case documents and evidence provided by Client, Client has the option of paying an additional $1500 for the Money Back Guarantee (“MBG”) and signing the MBG in accordance with firm policy. As a general matter, if the case is denied for an attorney’s mistake, the money back guarantee applies. However, if there is any conduct of the client involved or information that is not disclosed to the attorney or not known to the client that results in the denial or if there are unforeseen events such as background checks, administrative processing, it would void the money back guarantee.
  2. FILING FEES AND COSTS: Client shall pay all filing fees, advertisement costs and other related expenses, including, but not limited to: 
    USCIS Filing Fees:
    • $460 (I-129 filing fee)
    • $500 (Fraud Prevention Fee)
    • $1225 (Premium Processing, optional)

    US embassy fees: $190

    (Additional fees: All filing fees with Secretary of State, USCIS and embassy fees and related expenses are subject to change without notice.)