While there are 50K immigration attorneys in the US only, many of those can’t be trusted.

PassRight (PR) as a company, take only customers we can win their cases. We work with the 1% of caring immigration attorneys who allow that all visa/green card services are transparent and come with fixed prices. We are making it easier to compare prices & attorneys according to their years of experience and expertise. The legal fees are paid on our site. PassRight give the Money Back Guarantee (MBG) Not the attorneys. However, attorneys need to vet customers through our money back guarantee questionnaire.

3 Free Consultations with Top Immigration Attorneys

Our service involves up to 3 free consultations with the best immigration attorneys. Once the customer decides to hire an attorney, he/she can do that from the PassRight. The investment of the legal fees is protected. While the customer pays via PassRight, the company provides a full money back guarantee. This is a guarantee for legal fees, not the success of an immigration case. Keep in mind that the money back guarantees cost up to 30% more than the stated prices.

For a new immigrant, the act of hiring an immigration attorney is a huge bet and a crucial decision to succeed in the immigration journey.  it is very expensive. The right hire has to be done right.

Thanks to PassRight, hiring immigration attorneys online and from afar, is now safer than ever and we also offer an attorney review to double check the case before it is submitted. This has to lead us to have success in almost all our cases.

While immigration is the most confusing time in a person life, and there is such uncertainty, especially in times likes these (Trump) we are innovating immigration for individuals, business people and families.

We are a Hybrid: Technological Platform and Immigration Attorney Marketplace

PassRight is automating immigration proceedings but unlike companies that digitise immigration forms (which lead to 40% failure) our business model is based on a hybrid (technology + attorneys) this leads our customers to save time and reduce the cost of legal fees. Do it yourself and use attorney where needed. The differentiation between us and the world is that we have sole, we care about every single customer and we take full responsibility for the success or failure of our customers. With PassRight its not just the customer risking, it is also the attorney. The risk of the failure is a mutual risk.

How Money Back Guarantees Works?

We operate a resolution center. If the case is denied due to an attorney mistake, there is the money back guarantee. However, if there is any conduct of the client involved or information not disclosed to the attorney that led to denial (such as background checks) it would void the money back guarantee.

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Liran Rosenfeld 
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