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Many young CEO’s, CTO’s and co founders would like to bring their start up to the U.S Market, but are afraid of the relocation difficulties. It starts when you know you have limited resources. That’s your first fear. You want to come to the U.S but you are aware that you can only stay with a b1/b2 visa for 3-6 months. That’s not an option you can count on. Today the U.S have decided they want young entrepreneurs to come and bring their business to the USA and if you qualify – you might be able to get a green card within a few months only. There are lawyers that charge 20K$, 15K$, 10K$ but also 5K$ and even less.

See What Our Entrepreneurs Who Have Gone Through The Process Are Now Saying:

Tarek Hussein– A young ceo of his own startup company.  Liran got a green card within 7 months. He did not know he can do it. He was not aware he can obtain a green card under the EB-1 Visa category.
He did not know that with his track record of being an entrepreneur he can actually get a green card. 

Tarek’s story: Until I was familiar with PassRight, I was not aware of my options. I was talking to different lawyers who had different legal opinions, different prices and when I asked what are my chances for success, they each gave me a different answer. Coming to the USA mean I need to take loans, use family money and friends money to help me. This is very hard to do and when you go to do the process, I mean this is my life we’re talking about. I have to get a real lawyer, a good price and be able to count on the service. I need someone who I know will communicate with me and guide me and eventually know how to write the best case.

To my surprise, I was eligible for an EB-1 process. A visa that is obtained within 2-4 months and that after 6 months I can even get a green card. I had NO IDEA this is available for me.
I did not that that the fact that I won start up competition, I was a speaker, I had PR on my name and some more interesting stuff, where the exact demands that would allow me to be inside the process. That was great.

It wasn’t just me. Rossana my friend, came to the USA from Mexico with a tourist visa just 12 months ago. Now she runs her own small business and with a Green Card. My friend Roy is a singer and artist within 3 month of arriving to the USA with a tourist b1 visa, Roy got an L1 and is now living happily here in Los Angeles.