Aside from being a tech-based company that helps immigrants obtain O-1 Visas, we are a team of individuals who have been through the immigration process ourselves and know just how challenging and intimidating it can be. Everything from the legal process to the social, financial and geographic implications of immigration are huge changes that immigrants and their families must adjust to in order to successfully immigrate to the United States. We are just like you, and it was not that long ago that we were in your shoes. It is our hope that one day, you can look back and be just like us, helping those who follow in your footsteps.

Getting Your O-1 Visa

To the United States government and other law firms, immigrants are known by a name, a number, a country of origin, or a statistic that gets put into a folder that no one ever really sees. To us, you are not just an immigrant or a business transaction. You are a human first. An individual with personal and professional achievements who is looking to advance a career and build a life for yourself and your family. You have worked hard most of your life to realize your dreams, follow your passions, and strive for the kind of success that you admired others for having when you were young. So, while qualifying for an O-1 Visa may be fairly easy since applicants only need to have three out of the eight requirements listed on U.S. Governnment’s website, the legality and petitioning of the O-1 Visa can be an expensive process, with varied results. Working with the PassRight team and using our technology, makes getting your O-1 Visa affordable, faster and safer with the patient guidance of our legal team.

PassRight’s Personalized O-1 Visa Process

Every person who reaches out to us for help receives a free consultation and online screening. Upon acceptance, clients are guided through the immigration process by our dedicated legal team, each of whom was picked for their passion and empathy for immigrants. Unlike some lawyers who try to rush the process without thought or consideration for the individual, we pride ourselves on our old school ways but recognize the convenience of modern technologies, such as video calling. PassRight clients enjoy a personalized experience, including weekly team meetings with our legal team and an easily accessible online dashboard where they can track their petition status. This helps speed up your immigration process, and even detect any errors in your application, all while our legal team closely follows your case and is always available to answer any questions or address any problems that might arise.

PassRight Uses the Latest Technology

The concept of immigration is as old as the idea of borders and countries. People have been moving around this planet in search of new opportunities since the age of the caveman. So, adding a relatively new element to immigration, like the internet and technology, which speed up the process, may make it feel less personal and reliable. However, Passright’s software engineers used artificial intelligence combined with the latest technology that allows for applicants to safely submit their petitions through our online application process and always with the help of a dedicated immigration attorney. With the assistance of our caring legal team, O-1 Visa petitions submitted through PassRight have a higher accuracy rate because our AI can predict the chances of success, the approximate place in line, and even detect any errors.  

Transparency During Your O-1 Visa Petition

Part of what makes the immigration process so impersonal is that it can be expensive, confusing and indeterminate for many applicants who are kept in the dark about their application status.  When working with Passright, we help our clients gather all the documents they will need, and submit their applications online using our secure technology. This way, clients have complete control over their data and personal information, as well as transparent access to their application status on their personal dashboard right on the Passright website. However, transparency at Passright goes beyond just the application process and petition status and extends to other important immigration matters like pricing. We are committed to making immigration affordable for everyone, by offering fixed prices with no hidden fees or surprises. Some applicants might even qualify for 100% financing by Passright.

How PassRight can help

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