Employers are used to the H-1B Visa, which is expensive, creates complications, and takes a lot of time to get, especially because it’s a lottery. Many employers don’t know about other options, like the O-1 visa, which they can actually apply for on behalf of the foreign talent. Employers might think it’s easier to find someone with a visa, but many times they end up with employees that are mediocre and with a company that has little diversity. For many employers, it’s very much a chicken and egg scenario, where it’s hard to tell what should come first. PassRight solves this issue with the O-1 talent agency and sponsorship for people who are eligible for the O-1 visa.

The O-1 Visa Takes Less Time and Costs Less Money

When a foreign national applies for work in the U.S. with the appropriate visa in hand, that means that they have done all the work and paid all the fees in advance and are ready to begin working at a moments notice. However, when someone applies for a job in the U.S. who does not have a legal visa to work in the U.S. then no matter how qualified they might be for the position, it falls on the employer to choose an immigration program, determine which visas they want to sponsor, obtain a certification from the Department of Labor and then petition USCIS for visas.

Of course, all of this takes time, so the applicant may not be able to actually begin working for weeks or even months, and the employer, since they are the ones petitioning for the visa on behalf of the beneficiary are the ones responsible for all the fees. While some large corporations might be able to afford these costs, many startups and newer companies simply don’t have the time or the budget for such expenses.

However, with O-1 Visa process takes less than 35 days, with 30% of candidates moving on to an interview. And since those that qualify for the O-1 visa are the top tier talent, proven to be extraordinary in their field, recipients of awards, industry recognition and holding the top leadership roles at previous organizations, there is no question that the U.S. companies that these candidates go to work at will be getting the very best their industry has to offer.

The O-1 Visa Solves Need for Diversity to Promote Creativity

While U.S. companies strive to hire a diverse group of employees to promote creativity and an international presence in their community, one of the biggest and main reasons why U.S. employers will not employ someone who is not legally allowed to work in this country is because it could open them up to a whole cacophony of legal issues, including civil, monetary and criminal penalties. Furthermore, because employers must file taxes and other documents with the U.S. government on behalf of their employees, it would create a difficult and possibly fraudulent situation between the company and the U.S. government. This would only lead to even more legal issues and penalties. To make matters even worse, such activities could lead to incredibly bad publicity for a large corporation, and the complete shutdown of a smaller, more vulnerable startup.

However, according to a 2018 NBC Bay Area article, some of the most creative and globally successful companies such as Google, Facebook, Intuit, and LinkedIn have received numerous awards centered on their diversity and culture overall. Sunrun, a solar panel provider company based in San Francisco was awarded as the best company for women, and their CEO Lynn Jurich received the Best CEO Award in 2018.

With PassRight offering up to 200 qualified women in the tech industry 100% financed O-1 Visas in 2019, women are especially encouraged to apply for the O-1 visa with PassRight. With PassRight’s high approval rates, petitioners could easily find themselves working at Sunrun or any of the other hundreds of tech based companies in Silicon Valley who are always looking to hire creative and diverse talent, without the hassle of legal issues.

O-1 Visa Offers Solution for Increasing Demand of Foreign Talent

Whether the corporation heads and board members fall on the blue or red side of the political spectrum, there is a reason why they chose to start their business in the United States. Maybe they were born here, or they moved here as children, or they immigrated here more recently and were inspired by the booming economic growth and the proverbial American dream. Regardless of their past, their present is what makes them successful, and no matter how many taxes they pay, or what kind of benefits they get, having their company in the United States means something to them.

Therefore, unless the company is lead by inherently non-abiding citizens, most companies, large and small, will choose the path of least resistance. This means that if given the choice between a legal worker and an illegal worker, they will hire the foreign national who has a U.S. visa. It makes them look good. It makes the company look good. And, it’s not something they ever have to hide or be ashamed of in the future. While celebrities can get away with bad P.R. companies have a much harder time keeping their clients and board members happy when they have a bad news day. With the increasing demand for foreign talent, the O-1 visa makes it easy and quick to develop a company with diverse and creative employees.

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Get a U.S. Visa with PassRight

There are numerous visas available to foreign nationals, especially in the tech and sciences industries, including the coveted O-1 visa. Find out more about how PassRight can finance your immigration visa costs and offer sponsorship to qualified applicants. PassRight also offers income sharing agreements to help immigrants avoid loans and risky legal fees.

If you are someone who wants to work in the U.S. and needs help choosing and applying for a U.S. visa, contact us at PassRight today and we will assist you in making your dream a reality.