Our technology platform and services are all about navigating and simplifying the U.S. work visa process between foreign talents and U.S. corporations that want to hire them.

I will share my personal story later, but let’s focus on what PassRight offers. To date, PassRight has helped 700+ visa applicants with successful outcomes. These positive outcomes were achieved faster and more economically than normal immigration channels. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and our success rate demonstrates our focus.

In an ongoing effort to stay ahead of the curve, we are announcing PassRight’s alternative solution to the increasingly-troubled H-1B work visa. Our solution is to offer an O-1 visa solution to our customers. The end result is that PassRight will be able to connect candidates with an agency that can sponsor their O-1 visa and later offer the approved candidates directly to corporations that are in need.

As you may know, the U.S. caps H-1B visas at 85,000 annually with many months between application and possible acceptance. But that cap is threatened to be reduced in today’s U.S. immigration atmosphere. Already, U.S. companies have a difficult time filling skilled positions.

The O-1 Visa with PassRight

PassRight’s O-1 solution involves the semi-automation of the O-1 visa. Special ability/talented professionals don’t have to wait for the H-1B lottery any longer. Instead, they can use PassRight’s automated screening process to see if they qualify for the O-1 visa, and then work on about 80% of the case by themselves using automation PassRight has created. Later, the attorneys of the candidates may complete the remaining 20% of the case that is related to legal strategy and the drafting of legal language required for these types of cases. PassRight is offering foreign talents a path that “breaks the walls” between talents and corporations.

To be clear, PassRight is not a legal firm. Instead, we have developed the premiere, proprietary technology platform to vastly improve the traditional immigration experience. Comprised of a team of passionate executives and software engineers, PassRight’s mission is to become the first nationwide, innovative brand to connect people who have immigration needs with law firms that will provide trust, transparency, accessibility, and customer-centricity to an archaic, fear-driven and fragmented industry.

My own personal story? I was born and raised in Israel. I have always been an entrepreneur and have enjoyed success. But at one point, I knew that I wanted to relocate legally to the U.S. to expand on my success and contribute to the U.S economy. While working through that process, I discovered all of the challenges. It was during this time that I decided that I HAVE to create a better way… and PassRight was born. PassRight founders have all experienced immigration issues first-hand. We have suffered the challenges related to family, finances, employment, social, housing, transportation and much more.

If you are an individual looking to resolve immigration issues, or a company that is looking to simplify and/or resolves immigration issues to acquire talent from outside the U.S., PassRight is the technology-based solution for you.

All my best,


Liran Rosenfeld,