Are you my friend?
We haven’t talked in a while. Last time I wrote you a very honest company update email. I decided to share my brutal honesty once again. With the style that’s mine.
I’m trying really hard to increase the marketplace sales. It’s going slow. It’s a constant fight. I was under the impression that by now I’ll get funded. over $350K in legal fees, over $60K in GSV But I’m not able to raise money. Bootstrapping the early days is a terrible phase.

The New Technology is almost here

PassRight (PR) is launching its first automated immigration visa service. It’s coming. It’s a secret and I can’t share what it is just yet. I can only say that the service is going to be absolutely a gift to immigrants that need it and can’t afford today’s market price.

But I will share this: in the company we call it a Falafel. Because it’s small and cheap.
We are about to launch a service that is used by millions and costs anywhere between $400-$1500 and done only by professionals. This visa service is about to be sold online by us, for just 39$.  Can you guess what it is?
We are also becoming Google Adwords for Attorneys
In my previous update, I mentioned that 41 immigration attorneys registered and are on the waiting list, I had my secret mentor “Mr. Witz”  suggesting a brilliant idea!
(by the way, he read the last marketing piece and he is completely unaware that he is my mentor)
Witz suggested that instead of putting these immigration attorneys on the waiting list, that I should ask them for a 5000$ entrance fee.
I knew it won’t be as easy as he said. After all, PassRight is the money back guarantee platform. I wouldn’t take money from anyone unless I can provide with real value. How can I take their money? What if I don’t bring them enough customers?
To clear my conscious, It was easier for me to decide the following:
Attorneys also get a money back guarantee for their investment
From now on, immigration attorneys won’t just need to accept my harsh terms and condition, but they also need to pay an entrance fee to be part of PassRight.
In return, I promise them that if I don’t double their investment within 90 days, I will return their money. The numbers proved to be possible.
I figured out that if I actually promise attorneys a positive ROI they should trust me more than they trust Google Ads. Plus, the more volume I get, Google is giving me a better Cost per Click and conversion. This is becoming a fantastic revenue stream!
PR: amazingly and without paying a Dollar for a PR company, I was mentioned in both Forbes and later Amazing right?
Check this out. On
On Forbes (Full article here)
But I got 0 customers from that. 
Can you tell me why?
Here is another  predictable piece of content.
What is an Angel investor in the true sense of that word
For my latest success and good energy, I need to thank my Angel investor Fred.
Fred, you have invested $10K in helping me sort out a very small budget for Google AdWords. I have only let you down and you continue to believe in me. The fact that you gave me money again and believed in me means the world for me.
To all you wondering what I’m writing about now. I must express that I keep hearing the word “angel investor” in a senseless way. I’m sure there are many pointless investors out there. The ones that contribute to your headaches.
But I have a real Angel. Fred you are that  “Angel” in the true sense of the word. Thank you.
Positive ROI – just a little but truly positive!
I wanted to let you know that the campaign is doing fantastic. I already spent half of the money but it seems to be paying off really well. I already got 11 customers from it and in legal fees, this is equivalent to almost $30K! Since the platform fee was raised from 15% to 20% it is safe to say that we struck positive ROI from the initial investment!  Thank you Fred.
Like the family of jackals in the picture below – Our immigration attorneys are showing how a platform with straight rules keeps its customers happy.
Even Jackals can be cute and mindful.
Stay tuned for what’s next.
Liran Rosenfeld