In a billable hour administration, what we call efficiency is what decreases earnings.

Question: How can creative legal-tech startups (which reduce time spent on assignments) encourage immigration attorneys to adopt them?  Being the fighter on the front lines of that battle in my day job, I can tell you that it’s quite difficult.

This contradiction is not familiar to verticals outside of the legal industry.  The world thinks, logically, if you can reduce the cost of your product or service (below that of your competitors), you should be able to gain disproportionate market share and thus profit.  But the problem is that very few lawyers believe that the gears of commerce, which work so well in other industries, apply to legal. And, it’s hard to convince a bunch of millionaires that their business model is broken!

PassRight: Solving The Paradox for U.S Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles is the first nationwide brand for immigration law services – bringing trust, transparency, accessibility, and customer-centricity to an archaic, fear-driven and fragmented industry. This company was formed after the founders felt the pain of immigration and inefficiency traditional law firms. We develop AI technologies to empower both consumers and attorneys to make the immigration application process easier, faster and safer.

Instead of the long and expensive onboarding, traditional law firms offer, PassRight allows consumers to take control of their application and navigate through a seamless & scalable turbo tax interface. Customers can start and finish alone or they can enjoy the help of immigration attorneys where needed. Customers are also allowed to quit their application at any time and hire an immigration attorney to continue where their application was left.

The Improved business model for Immigration Lawyers from Los Angeles

Enter two legal entities, PassRight (C-Corp) & PassRight (LLP Law Firm) (hereinafter, “The PassRights”).

“The PassRights” in a nutshell:  Are two separate, but both important entities. PassRight LLP is an immigration law firm with quality immigration lawyers focused on high-end client representation — for 80% of their workday.  Critically, the other 20% will be focused on testing, integrating and providing feedback on legal technology designed by PassRight C-Corp which provides with legal technology solutions). PassRight C-Corp’s goal modestly is to be “the largest & smartest immigration law firm in the US.”

While PassRight’s C-Corp will build tools and technologies for its sister law firm PassRight LLP

Don’t Be The Taxi Driver Complaining About Uber

The world is changing and most of the Immigration Attorneys don’t like it. Let’s shake our fists and fight.

The model they have built (high-end Immigration law firm, empowered by high-tech proprietary legal technology company), has not been tried before and is bursting with potential.  As Peter Thiel puts it, “competition is for losers,” so why not try something promising and new.

You might ask why Immigration lawyers don’t use a CRM (or Customer Relationship Management program like SalesForce) or why they don’t use a sales team to find new clients.  The reason?   Because they don’t have a CRM or a sales team that really knows the market.  In other words, insufficient investment.