How does it work

Start by answering simple questions so we can find the right service for you.


Once we have determined your immigration needs, you will be taken to your personalized dashboard.

In order to start working on your case, you will be asked to upgrade to the commitment plan. This will allow you to build your case, with the help of our immigration professionals.


In order to build your case you will need to fill out all required information, attach the relevant documents and complete essential case specific details.


In order to finalize your case, you will need to upgrade to either the Plus Plan or the Premium Plan.

What am I paying for?

You can sign up on our software and start right now for free. Once you are signed up, you'll be able to start building your case on your personalized dashboard. Paying the basic commitment fee will allow you to:
  • Fill out information/form in order to build up your case.
  • Upload evidence for your case, our software will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Access to legal advice using our built-in chat/video.
  • Receive a prediction for your chances of success.
Let's Get Started
Premium Plan
Our legal team will do all the rest of the work for you, including:
  • A team of Immigration Professionals and Lawyers will complete your case.
  • Full petition review, editing, and printing.
  • Direct access to professional advice via chat/video.
  • Your Immigration team will finalize and ship your application.
Plus Plan
Our software will help you finalize your case and provide you with submission instructions. This plan includes:
  • The ability to request a review of your case by an Immigration Professional.
  • Our system will generate your case.
  • You will be able to download your case and receive instructions regarding the submission process.
  • Get additional paid legal services upon request (cheaper than premium plan).