A startup founder who wants to start a business in the USA?

We’ll pay for your legal fees, government fees and even sponsor your visa.

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Personal Referral to Accelerator Partners

With them your startup can go to get necessary coaching and access to relevant networks to help you grow properly as quickly as possible.

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Over 50% of U.S. venture-backed startups are made by Foreign Founders.

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    of them:
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We offer

Financing For the Visa Costs

(Through Global Talent Fund)

Step 2

Video Call

15-minute personal video call interview with one of our affiliated legal experts

Step 3

Skill Game

Play 3 games on your mobile and validate your technical capabilities


Easy steps
to grow!

Step 4


Sign 2 agreements: *Income Sharing Agreement *Client/Attorney agreement

Step 5

O-1 Petition

Start the O-1 petition process.
Approximately 2.5 months

Step 6

Online profile

Create your online profile, which will be visible only for recruiters and employers on our platform

Step 7


Once you get money from accelerator or other investor, you can pay us back or alternatively you can pay us throught ISA once u get a salary

Founders can also use income sharing agreements in case no money was received from investors.

51% of venture-backed founders of unicorn
startups are immigrants

According to a U.S. National Venture Capital Association synopsis published last year, an estimated 51 percent of domestic private companies valued at $1 billion or more had one or more immigrant founders.

We offer

Benefits and Perks

A growing list of benefits and perks for startup founders

Deferred compensation: We’ll connect you to a variety of corporate attorneys from major US law firms.
We’ll help you with warm introductions to relevant investors. Use this template to ask us for investor introduction.
Would you like an intro to Silicon Valley Bank? Or Wells Fargo? We’ll help you start a bank account while you outside the US.

O-1 Founder Visa Screening

The most common visa for foreign founders is the O-1 Visa. Free and private online screening is available.

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